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Parisian Handmade Pearl Jewellery Is Big In 2021

Hey there, my beauties! How are you guys doing this week? It’s almost weekend and frankly, I am super pumped about my spring break. God, I feel like I have waited for so long for this vacation…but sadly, Paris is still under confinement so I am not sure what I’ll be doing for the next two to three weeks. Don’t worry, check talkers, I’ll keep you updated!

But, first things first! I know I have been running late on my posting schedule. Well, there was a major glitch with my WordPress account I needed customer service assistance to sort it out and thank God, its all sorted now!

Moving on to today’s blog post topic which is handmade pearl jewellery. I know this is the content that gets you all excited. But there’s another thing that makes this article more special that is it’s founded by Chang, a super talented expat from China who is now living the Parisian dream.

She has a Mater’s degree in Luxury Marketing and her love for DIY inspired her to start her own fashionable lines of handmade freshwater pearl jewellery. The main idea behind Chang’s brand is to offer unique jewellery that makes people confident and of course, beautiful.

In order for me to review her handmade pearl jewellery, Chang was kind enough to send me a gorgeous handmade gold pearl bracelet, which you can totally get obsessed over just like me. These pictures of this beautiful pearl bracelet is not even close to the real beauty of this jewellery. Here’s the official Instagram account where you can get your own handmade pearl bracelets.

Source: Instagram: @Talkcheeky

In my personal opinion, I think pearl jewellery will make it big in 2021. How I can say that? Well, as you guys know I am a fashion enthusiast and I have noticed some brands introducing their runway pieces with minimalistic pearl jewellery to compliment their new looks for the year.

To all my French readers out there, especially if you are in Paris, I highly recommend you take a look at the Pearl Passion Studio and get yourself a timeless piece of handmade pearl jewellery by Chang to add a little WOW factor to all your summer outfits.

You can also book your handmade pearl jewellery by dropping an email on So, that was all for today my dudes and I might have something special lined up for next week so make sure to stay tuned.

Thank you so much for reading everyone!!!

P.s: These handmade pearl bracelets are going out of soon pretty fast so make sure to grab them for just 25 Euros as soon as you can!

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