Upcycled Street Style Bags Are the New 2021 Trend Ft. Meshina Bags

Salut Cheeky Talkers! I am so excited to talk about the brand that I am featuring in this blog post. As you might have noticed in the past few months, I am prioritizing brands that are sustainable and put efforts towards promoting the eco-friendly products.  

And I am so glad to say that I have found yet another brand that thrives on sustainability, the brand is Meshina Bags. I am including the link of their Instagram account so, you can see it for yourself their amazing bags.  

Meshina Bags are all about providing upcycled street style bags to their customers and you the best part…these bags look like they are straight from runway. Don’t worry, I’ll be adding pictures of some of my favorite Meshina Bags in this blog post.  

This is a small female-led startup who created her brand by combining two things she loves the most i.e., sustainability and street style. I personally think it’s time for us to start supporting these startup brands that care about earth rather that spending all your income on these fast fashion brands.  

Now, I am not telling you all to make a complete 180, but what I am suggesting is to start showing your support because these startup owners appreciate each and every order they receive and actually put special efforts to make sure that their customers receive only the best products and services from the heart.  

So, you have already seen the artistic products being made by Meshina Bags and want to support this sustainable brand. Then here is their Kickstarter campaign and remember every donation counts.  

My personal favorite Meshina Bag has to be their upcycled Mini Chain Tote, I mean just look at it…just ICONIC! The creator of this brand really cares about the environment that’s why she is even using eco packaging for all the products. These bags are made from heavy duty off cuts of PVC, Mesh and Vinyl.  

If you support ethical fashion, then this is your cue to follow Meshina Bags and add them to your bag collection. Being in Paris, I have seen the French obsession with tote bags and to be honest, if I am carrying a tote it has to look like these trendy beauties.  

Before ending this article, there’s something else that I wanted to mention. Meshina Bags believes in giving back to the community! As per the brand, once their online store is live, they will be donating some of their profits to a Clean Clothing Organisation that supports Work Right in the Global Garment Industry.  The Organisation that Meshina Bags support is called ‘Labour Behind The Label’. Make sure to check it out!

At last, I just want to say that if you are after a bag that is not only strong and waterproof but also sustainable and lightweight then my recommendation would be Meshina Bags.  

Thank you so much for reading everyone!!! 

P.s.: Let me know in the comment below which Meshina Bag caught your eye, I bet it will be that mini chain tote that has my heart! 

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