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Best Place To Buy Funky Glasses Online Ft. Voogueme

I am so freaking excited for this blog post! Excuse my manners, I forgot to greet you guys first.

Hello to you all fashionistas out there! So, as I was saying today’s review is going to be epic because we will be talking about one of my all time favourite accessories…eye glasses.

If you guys keep up with me on my Instagram TALKCHEEKY then you might have already seen a glimpse of my eye glasses collection via my posts and endless stories. The funny thing here is I am someone who has a 20/20 vision but completely obsessed with glasses.

That’s why I was looking for a brand online that have some bold and funky glasses to add to my ever growing eye glasses collection, that’s when I came across Voogueme. And in that moment, everything just changed.

The moment I started to scroll through the Voogueme glasses I was starstruck and to be honest, can’t shortlist the pair of glasses which I liked the most. Because they are offering such a wide range of options to their customers, from the classic metal glasses to the funky colourful ones.

I am so glad to announce that Voogueme and CheekyDimplesBlog decided to work on a collaboration where I was sent FOUR different pair of glasses, 3 of them are eye glasses and one of them is sunglasses…just to be specific.

I am adding a couple of pictures here of me wearing these eyeglasses my Voogueme and here are the links of all the fours Voogueme glasses I got:

  1. Caren – Aviator Gold Eyeglasses

2. Clive – Red Geometric Sunglasses – OUT OF STOCK (pictures on my Instagram)

3. Maggie – Cateye Black Eyeglasses

4. Annabelle – Cateye Gold Eyeglasses

So, as you can see the I do not have the link of the red pair of sunglasses that I got from Voogueme because they are not available anymore on their site. Honestly, I feel so lucky I got my hands on them, I mean they are just perfect for this summer season in Paris.

Thank you for reading everyone!!!

P.S: This is my first collaboration with Voogueme and if you guys want me to do part 2, just let me know and we’ll make it happen!

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