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Should You Buy Nail Colors / Nail Polishes From YesStyle

Hello there beauties, as promised I am back with a super exciting collaboration! Just a few days back, CheekyDimplesBlog and YesStyle decided to finalise their very first collaboration where I will be sharing my honest reviews of some of the most popular beauty products from YesStyle.

So, let me tell you how this YesStyle review collaboration will roll out. I have received about 10 skincare and makeup products from YesStyle and I will start with the nail paints that I got.

YesStyle Nail Colors

If you follow me on Instagram that you might already by familiar of my habit of weekly changing my nail polishes. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to pick out some beauty products from YesStyle, I decided to drop some nail paints in the mix as well.

I ordered a total of 3 different shades of nail polishes from two brands available on YesStyle. I won’t be posting pictures of all three nail colours here because I have just tried out one for now and I don’t want to wait anymore to finish this blog post.

That’s why my suggestion would be to keep up with TALKCHEEKY on Instagram where I will be posting more pictures flaunting these nail shades from YesStyle. The pictures I have added here are from the brand Holika Holika in a pretty grey shade which is called GY02 Basement Pub.

YesStyle Nail Colors

I was not expecting the quality to be this good because Holika Holika is not exactly an expensive brand in fact quite the opposite. You can buy this grey nail color for just a little over 3 bucks, which is quite low in comparison to other nail polishes brands on YesStyle.

And that’s not it, I have also ordered another nail color from the same brand in a beautiful shade of shade. Last but not the least, the third shade is got is a super pretty pink which is honesty prefect for the spring season.

Overall, I recommend buying nail polishes from YesStyle but here I think you should go with the affordable range rather than the expensive ones. I promise you will be impressed by the quality and the application!

YesStyle Nail Colors

Thank you so much for reading everyone!!!

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