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Miniso Nail Polish Review: My Thoughts

Oh Mah Gawd! It’s been so long you guys since I did a review on Miniso products. And don’t get me wrong Miniso is one of the brands that is close to me and I have had some really good experience with some of its beauty products.

Now, this is going to be a relatively short product review because I have two more nail polish brands lined up to review next. Sounds exciting, am I right?

The real reason I am sharing my review of this nail polish by miniso is…it is actually one of my favourite nail polishes so far. I can easily say that it is my top purchase from Miniso, hands down!

And I am not even exaggerating the situation. In order to prove this to you, I have even added a couple of closeup pictures of my hands flaunting this DARK RED shade by miniso on my finger nails. You guys know, I have a thing for nail polishes that’s why I post about them so much on TALKCHEEKY, my Instagram handle.

I have received so many compliments on this deep shade of red and it is so smooth to apply. I personally always go for a double coat for dark shades. And of course, it falls in the affordable price range which is a win win situation.

Unfortunately, I purchased this Miniso nail polish when I was in India and I tried to find a product link but there wasn’t any. So, I would suggest to visit your nearest store to find this absolute gem.

It’s always fun to review and share my take on the skincare and makeup range of miniso. Also, I don’t deny the fact that my miniso review blogs are quite popular on the internet and ranks on the top search engine result pages of Google.

So, let me know if you guys want me to cover some more Miniso products because they do have Miniso stores in France and I would love to show you guys the Parisian take on Miniso. And feel free to go through my previous miniso reviews on their most hyped beauty products.

Thank you so much for reading everyone!!!

P.s. – I am super excited to tell you guys that I have joined hands with one of the largest Korean beauty platforms so stay tuned!

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