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My Top Favourite French Words [Part 1]

Before you guys say anything…I know, I have been kinda running behind my “Parisian Content” but it’s never too late, right? So, here you go!

This short and sweet blog post features some of the best French words that in my opinion every tourist or expat should know…especially, if you are planning to visit France in the future.

In order to make this article a little more interested, I will be including a trending piece and it can be anything like a t-shirt or a phone case along with a link where you can purchase it featuring these top French words.

Let’s get this rolling now!

1. Cherie AKA Sweetheart

I absolutely love the French word Cherie which in English stands for sweetheart. And to be honest, if you decide to visit Paris, the city of love then these are the words that you need to remember.

2. Bof AKA So So

You know, I love to use the word ‘so so’ in my conversations and since the whole COVID situation, most of the things actually give you the ‘so so’ vibes. That’s when I thought I should know the French version of this word as well which is BOF! A simple, short, and cool French word to add to your dictionary.

3. Merde AKA Sh*t

When I got the idea of creating a list of some of my best day-to-day French words, I knew I had to include this baby for sure. Because French people have built quite a reputation for their complaining attitude so merde also known as sh*t in the English language is a must to know.

4. Binouze AKA Beer

I have been living in Paris for the past few months and there are some things that I got to know in the very first week, one of them being that Paris has a very strong party culture. And I am not even kidding, French do know how to party so it’s time for you to add the French alternative of beer that is binouze to your list now. I personally am not a beer person but still its a great French word.

5. Tenez Bon AKA Hang in There

So far I have only mentioned the fun French words now let’s sneak in a motivational French word in there. So, if you want to encourage someone or just say hang in there to your friend, you can use the French alternative ‘Tenez Bon’ and get it done with.

6. Tu Dechires AKA You Rock

In the last French word I mentioned a short phrase used to give a boost of energy to someone so let’s continue this chain. Another great way to pump up someone in French is by saying Tu Dechires which basically means you rock in English. I am hoping these quick and easy French words will help you in learning the basics about a new European language.

7. Pote AKA Close Friend

Last but not least, we have one of my most famous French words which is Pote that means a close friend in English. This is a term of affection for you close friend and you are likely to use this term on a regular basis. And soon, I will be adding more of my favourite French words in the list just for you guys.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, I have included the respective links of the products along with their pictures so feel free too check them out and get yourself some French accessories.

Thank you so much for reading everyone!!!

P.s. – This is just the first part and I will start working on part 2 soon so in case you have any suggestions feel free to comment!

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