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My Thoughts On Wave Sport and Fitness [2021 Review]

Hey guys, it’s already March and we all are desperately waiting for the spring season. Am I right? To be honest, I am very excited to witness my first-ever spring in Paris because my Instagram feed is filled the famous chef blossom scene near the Eiffel Tower.

I can’t wait to go there this weekend, if you don’t know what I am talking about then feel free to check out my Instagram handle TALKCHEEKY so that you can get an idea.

Now, back to business! As promised I am back with another amazing brand on CheekyDimplesBlog that you just can’t miss in 2021 especially if you are someone who is interested in fitness and sports. I am talking about the Wave Sport Fitness brand.

This blog post features the short unboxing Instagram stories of the Wave hoodie that the brand graciously gifted to me for the review purpose and to share my thoughts on the quality of their products. The hoodie is bright red in color, the material is high-quality and perfect to wear during this season and the embroiled WAVE design is just a cherry to the top.

Wave Sport Fitness provides its users with a wide range of items ranging from shorts and leggings to backpacks and iPhone cases. And the best part is that this brand it not just limited to the women wear, yes that’s right! Wave also has included the men-centric products to target a larger demographic.

Here is the link of the hoodie that is featured in my videos and I will also be posting pictures wearing it on my social media like Facebook and Instagram in a few days..most probably during the weekend.

In order for you guys to keep updated with the latest updates from the Waves Sport and Fitness brand, here’s their official Instagram account and I highly recommend you to follow them so you don’t miss huge offer deals on their product range.

Also, I got a couple of DMs asking for me to share my experience in France as an expat and you know what..I wanted to post my personal stories like how I was scored by an old French lady for pronouncing croissant wrong and trust me I will soon.

Its just that at the moment I am occupied with my professional career path but that doesn’t mean I won’t share those stories. Until then, you have my social media handles to follow me around France!

Thank you so much for reading everyone!!!

P.s. – Comment down below which product is your favourite from the brand Wave Sport Fitness. As you already saw, mine is the dope WAVE hoodie!

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