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Time To Add Some Real Spice To Your Food Ft. Ehco Foods

As promised in my previous blog post, I am back on CheekyDimplesBlog with a new article focusing on foodies, especially the ones that love to add some spice to their meals.

So, majority of my readers know that I am Indian and my love for spice is something that I have talked before on this platform. But ever since I moved to Paris, the level of spice in French food doesn’t really meet the levels that I am used to.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love French cuisine but sometimes when you are feeling a little homesick you need to have some comfort food, you know and for me that’s something spicy. This is the part where I stumbled upon the brand Ehco Foods and I cannot express my happiness once I scrolled through the different spicy food products that the brand was selling to its customers.

The founder of Ehco Foods, Ndah Tatani Mbawa decided to pamper me with some of her best selling spicy products and I decided people need to be aware of this brand, especially Indians like me who are away from their home and miss some real spicy food.

Ehco Foods

The three products that I have received from Ehco Foods are:

  1. Kékem Spice Rub – 100g
  2. Choice of Chilli Paste: Hauté Banero, Hafricana or Haba Reaper Chilli Paste – 228g
  3. Choice of Habanero Chilli Oil: Classic, Basil Infused, Rosemary Infused – 100ml

You can easily buy this whole hamper for just 15 Euros approximate through the website of Ehco Foods. I highly recommend you go and take a look at the separate products that are being sold by the brand as well. And in order to get the latest deals and offers on Ehco Foods products, make sure to follow them on their official Instagram page.

So, I have added a couple of short unboxing videos straight from my Instagram account for you guys to take a look at the Ehco Foods products. And in case you wish to see some high quality pictures of all of these three products by the brand that make sure to follow TALKCHEEKY and explore more trending brands across Europe.

Thank you so much for reading everyone!!!

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