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Le Volume Stretch De Chanel Mascara Review (10 Noir)

Hey there gorgeous people! I am pretty sure you are super excited by reading the title of today’s blog post on CheekyDimplesBlog ’cause so am I. If you do follow me on my Instagram account then you would have seen my Insta Stories while chilling in a signature Chanel store in Paris.

And I may have gotten my hands on a few amazing products, one of which is of course this Chanel Mascara called Le Volume Stretch De Chanel Mascara. Wow, that’s a mouthful! So, I wanted you share my experience of using this new mascara by Chanel with you guys as my mini product review.

Le Volume Stretch De Chanel Mascara NOIR 10 (Source:

First things first boo, this is a new mascara by Chanel that has started making rounds in the year 2020. But due to the ongoing pandemic not much attention was paid to this new designer makeup product release. So, when I received a sample of the 10 Noir shade of Le Volume Stretch De Chanel Mascara, was super excited to try it out myself.

I have even included a short and vampy aesthetic video clip of this cute Chanel beauty product in this mascara review for you all. And of course, for more pictures and stuff like that feel free to stalk me…I mean follow me on my Insta handle i.e. TALKCHEEKY.

Le Volume Stretch De Chanel Mascara Review 10 Noir

Now, I have wore this mascara by Chanel like three times and I am impressed. In reality, I am not a big mascara fan but after applying this makeup product on my eye lashes the overall look felt pretty natural and that’s exactly what I aim for. Also, it’s not waterproof, which only increases its points in my eyes.

So, if you are looking for a mascara that can offer you volume and length while you have a big bucket, then by all means get this Chanel mascara ASAP! I am even adding the product link of Le Volume Stretch De Chanel Mascara for you guys.

The price of the Chanel Le Volume Stretch De mascara ranges from 35 euros to 39 euros in France, depending on which website you are looking to buy it from online. I personally can see myself buying this high-end designer mascara by Chanel, you know, like on a special occasion or something.

And in case, you guys want me to find a dupe for this Chanel mascara then just comment down below and I’ll write about a much affordable option of this designer mascara by Chanel.

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

P.s. – Did you know that this Chanel mascara has a 3D printed brush? That’s something new, isn’t it?


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