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How To Buy Luxury Streetwear Apparel On A Budget Ft. Luminous Creativity

Hey there, my cheeky talkers! In one of my last blog posts, I promised you guys that I will be posting about more high-quality and affordable brands on CheekyDimplesBlog and guess what, this article features one of such amazing brands called Luminous Creativity.

Just a few days back, I received some parcels from Luminous which I also shared on my Instagram stories and then you guys started asking me questions about this new brand and the fun products that I got. That’s when I knew I had to try to post my blog review of Luminous Creativity by the end of weekend.

So, here I am doing a quick review on the dope denim jacket that Pash Perry the CEO and Founder of the brand Luminous Creativity LLC was kind enough to send me. Now, I want to mention here that I was sent three more Luminous products by this Girl Boss but I want this blog post to be all this cool pink jacket. Why? I will explain that in the end of this article.

Since, I have started including unboxing kind of videos in my review blogs there has been an increase in reader statistics so I did the same in this one too. Also, I will be posting my personal photos of wearing and styling the luminous creativity jacket on my Instagram account TALKCHEEKY so make don’t forget to check them out as well.

As you might have already seen in the above included short videos now, the packaging is secure and intact with a bright pink cover making it standing out in the pile of boring white couriers. To be honest, that’s how I was able to recognise this parcel when I went downstairs to collect it from my building’s reception.

It is a denim jacket with that trendy shredded sleeve style which in my opinion works in favour in portraying it as a luxury streetwear brand. Luminous Creativity is a black-owned business which is another reason I wanted to do my part and use my platform as a means to give online exposure to a brand that actually deserves it.

This apparel brand has many more other products to offer to its customers and that’s why I am mentioning all its social media and website links here so that you guys can go and explore Luminous Creativity and all of their stylish products.

Official Website: Luminous Creativity

Instagram: Luminous Creativity LLC

Pash Perry, CEO of Luminous Creativity: Instagram and Facebook

I have also added the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the Girl Boss who is taking Luminous Creativity because sometimes you need to follow such inspirational people to feel motivated, right!

Now, let’s talk about the part why I actually love this pink denim so freaking much! I wore this jacket for the very first time this weekend because my exams just got over and holidays are officially here. So, one of my friends and I planned a little outing around the 5th Arrondissement in Paris.

And I kid you NOT! Within like 5 minutes of us leaving our building and going on the Main Street a cute French guy came to me and complimented me about the jacket. Honestly, I was caught off guard when he said, ‘that’s a really cool jacket you are wearing’ and I was in a deep conversation with my friend and we just stopped in our tracks.

That stranger’s little comment made my whole day! I am pretty sure by now you can guess that I will be wearing this Luminous jacket a lot from now on *wink*.

I got the pink color but as you can see in the picture above, this denim jacket is available in a wide range of colours like green and orange and of course, in various sizes as well. Now, as I mentioned that this denim jacket was not the only thing that I received from the brand. But I wanted to focus on this jacket particularly and share my experience.

That’s why I have decided to write another blog post featuring all the other products from Luminous Creativity that I have received. Again, if you follow me on Instagram, you might already have seen a sneak peak but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for those who haven’t so stay tuned for the next article!

Thank you so much for reading everyone!!!

P.s. – I would love to know your thoughts on the brand Luminous Creativity and its products. I know that you guys seemed to have loved it on my Instagram reels and showering it with likes!

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