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An Elegant Fusion of Luxury Silver & Wood Ft. Silverwood

Hey Cheeky Talkers! Hope you are enjoying Halloween by taking appropriate measures. I understand that a significant portion of my readers are from Europe and here the second wave has hit hard. Due to this, the majority of European countries are re-entering the lockdown.

The same thing has happened in France, we are currently in confinement so I thought when not make the most of this time. That’s why I am writing this blog and introducing you to the future of luxury and sustainable jewellery.

If you follow me Instagram or have read some of my previous blog posts, then you might already be aware that how I am more inclined towards supporting brands that are opting for a sustainable approach.

But this is the first time, I have came across a unique brand like Silverwood that elegantly brings together Luxury Silver and Wood. The whole concept is intrigued me to explore more about this jewellery brand and the Founder of Silverwood, Claire De Bezenac was kind enough to send me a gift which I will be sharing my thoughts about.

“For Silverwood, there is no compromise. The brand focuses on creating super bold and stylish pieces to embrace individuality and personality, whilst also respecting the planet and people. Sustainability does not need to be boring.”

The very first thing that I would like to mention is the amazing packaging that just syncs up with the message that the brand is trying to deliver.

This Silverwood necklace features a sleek silver chain along with the a large 30mm wooden bead in the centre. This is one of the signature pieces of Silverwood and to be honest just take a look at it, this masterpiece absolutely deserves it.

The primary aim of the brand is to assist an individual in rocking their own individual style while making a stylish sustainable statement.

With its collections, Silverwood wants to remind people that it is a brand that embraces a “slow” approach to fashion and jewellery, and is created sustainable and responsibly. This is one of the things that people are now looking for, especially millennials and GenZ.

Here’s how you can contact Claire or reach out to them on their different social media accounts:

I really hope you guys enjoyed the mini unboxing video, I just wanted to do justice to this beautiful piece by showcasing the luxurious packaging in the pictures, as best as I could.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, ahead and explore the unique designs Silverwood has to offer its customers. Make sure to stay tuned because I will be sharing some more exclusive pictures of this gorgeous necklace from Silverwood on my Instagram account @TalkCheeky!

Also, in case you have a sustainable brand in mind and want me to cover it then just drop me an email or DM me.

Thank you so much for reading everyone!!!

P.s. – Let me know which jewellery piece did you like the more from the entire collection of Silverwood in the comment section below!

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