Honest Ft. Freewill Review [Customised Haircare Products]

*This is NOT a sponsored about customised hair care products i.e. shampoo and conditioner by Freewill*

Hey there cheeky talkers! How is it going you guys? Welcome back to CheekyDimplesBlog, your favourite lifestyle blog for latest updates in the beauty industry.

I know I know…I haven’t been very active on my blog over the past few weeks and there’s a huge reason behind that. Well, I recently moved to France. Yes, that’s right baby!

Honestly, I am very excited to explore the French culture and share my experience with you guys in detail. I don’t want to talk a ton about it in this particular blog post but I will be shorting posting articles focusing on this topic only…just wait for a week or two.

Now, let’s move to today’s blog topic that is about Freewill customised shampoo and conditioner products. The reason I am writing this mini blog post is because you guys loved my previous take on Vedix customised hair care review so here I am covering one of its biggest competitors.


Here’s the YouTube video link and this is not my YouTube channel…it is my sister’s YouTube channel – Varshika Singh!

I would like to mention here that this is my sister’s personal review and not my own take on it. The thing is I also ordered my own personalised hair products from Freewill and even shared the pictures on my Instagram account i.e. TALKCHEEKY. Due to the whole traveling situation, I was not able to complete my trial duration.

So, if you are looking forward for my personal review about Freewill, just drop a comment below and I will update you when I will be sharing it. Also, in case you have any specific product review request just let me know by dropping an email!

Thank You So Much Reading Everyone!!!

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