My Thoughts On Green Tea Classic Eau De Perfume by MINISO

Well, hello my gorgeous people! Hope you all are safe and sound at your home.

So, the real reason I am posting this review of Miniso perfume at this time because you guys wanted me to…like REALLY really wanted me to freaking post it.

I mean, dude I posted a small story featuring this Green Tea Miniso perfume on my Instagram @talkcheeky and since then I have been receiving tons of DMs asking me for a detailed review.

So, baby here I am doing what you guys asked me to! You know what I talk too much, let’s just shall with this Miniso product review, shall we?

Product Info

Name: Miniso Green Tea Classic Eau De Perfume Spray

Price: INR 350 for 30 ml

Texture: I know that texture is a parameter that I usually talk about while reviewing products but I can’t really talk about the texture of perfume now, can I?

Application: I always shake my perfume bottle well while doing a little shake-shake dance, it’s like a tradition. And then spray the green tea perfume on your key fragrance points like the back of your neck and on the inner part of your wrists. And don’t rub, no matter what you do just don’t rub! Are we clear?


Performance: I have always loved perfumes by Miniso this is one of the reasons why I currently have more than 6 Miniso perfumes on my vanity *taking deep breathes*. I’ll be honest, this Miniso perfume is decent and stays for a solid 6 to 8 hours. The fragrance is for those who have a thing for green tea or who are fond of nature and greenery. I personally consider it one of my favorites.

Shelf Life: My advice with perfumes has always been to finish up the bottle within a year.

Rating: On the scale of CheekyDimplesBlog, this Green Tea Miniso Perfume gets an easy 4 STARS out of 5.

Do I Recommend It?: Yes, I do recommend trying out this product, especially when you can find an AWESOME perfume at this price tag.

Also, there is an URGENT announcement folks! I have a couple of other product reviews lined up for you guys.

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Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

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