Top 5 Makeup Tips for Casino Parties [2020]

Ladies­—this one’s for you!

Heading to a long-awaited casino party?

You must have been on a constant quest for the right combination of your makeup, attire and your hairdo. Don’t you wish you had a one-stop guide to the latest trends in makeup, you just can’t go wrong with? Let your worries aside—this is just the place for you.

Back in the day casino parties were only thought to be associated with men. But the ultimate sophistication of a casino party can only be reflected by the elegance of the haughty women present there. One such party is a great opportunity for you to bring about your royalty game on.

When we talk about all things royal, it should be depicted in the utmost flashy way through your makeup. Here are some tips that will for sure get you the second glances you’ve been waiting for.


  •         Dress Like You Already Own the Night

The difficulty of selecting a dress that resonates with your mood and your personality is highly underrated. The struggle as we know it, is real. Especially with a plethora of options available to confuse you these days, it has become even tougher.

So, we have gathered for you a small list of evergreen attire ideas for your next casino party too, in case you want to take a glance at that too.

o   A shimmery LBD (sequins, preferably)

o   A Maxi/Gown 

o   White Shirt and Leather Pants 


  •         The Good Ol’ Smokey Eye

Night parties and Smokey eyes go well together, that’s the golden rule. We all know that. Be it a glittery eye or a clear matte finish, Smokey eyes have been the key trend since quite long now.

So, we for sure won’t explain to you how to do a Smokey eye. Instead, for example, if you have to go to this party directly from work or somewhere you don’t have your makeup stuff, we have a small trick for you. You can apply your kohl all over your eyelid and smudge it with your fingers and BOOM. There you have it; your no-effort-Smokey-eye.

Pro-Tip: Pair your Smokey eye with a colored-Mascara. They are “oh-so-in!”


  •         Matte Lips Are So 2019

If you’re a fan of matte lips, we hate to break it down to you—their time has gone. And guess what’s arrived? Yet again, the Glossy Lips!

Casino parties consist of games like Roulette, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Teen Patti etc. While they’re all full of the right blend of luck and wits, you can sure use a little distracting. And trust us; those glossy lips will just do it for you.

Oh, and you can kill them with subtlety. A perfect red lip too, is long gone now. You’ve got to try them nudes.


  •         Be the Glow-Getter

If you’re looking to win a huge amount, playing games at such parties, make sure your glowing enough to attract that glory.

What do we mean when we talk about glow?

One word, eleven letters— HIGHLIGHTER!

Heard of it? Well, now start using it.

Since a very long time now, the importance of contour has been fed in our minds. But there’s one unsung hero. And so, it’s about time we give that highlighter lying somewhere in your makeup box its due credits. Just like the lips, it’s about time you bid farewell to those matte cheeks. 

Glow girl, glow! 

You can sure go overboard with it. Those radiating cheekbones will bring to you the Glow-ry you deserve.


  •         The Up-Do Hairdo or Nothing

There’s no other way to say this, but hair does make all the difference. Be it a live casino, online casino or whatever; with all that movement, you don’t want to get rid of your neat look. Since we’re talking about royalty, there’s no way your hair can look unkempt. You have got to keep your hair up. 

But don’t get us wrong. Keeping your hair up does not mean compromising on your ability to look ravishing. In fact, your hair tied up in the form of an Up-do side-swept chignon or the French twist, a layered ponytail etc. will bleed elegance like nothing else will. 

And that’s about it. These were the makeup tips you need to swear by if you’re looking to nail the next casino themed party you’re attending.

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