Best Platform Pumps For 2019 Ft. FSJ Shoes

Happy New Year To All My Cheeky Talkers!

Hope you guys are doing absolutely AMAZING because sure as hell am. BTW the month december was kinds tough for me ’cause a couple of things happened in the span of a weeek or two but BABY here I am back with a freaking BLAST.

And guess what? I have some SPECIAL heels for you today. This article is solely dedicated to PUMPS because you guys have been asking by SHOE opinions. And that’s the reason why I found a NEW website for you all that sells hundreds and thousands of different shoe style. I am talking about the online shopping website FSJ Shoes. Also, there provide WORLDWIDE shipping so that means AWESOME heels for all.

I want to keep this type of articles short, simple and SWEET so that’s why I will be focusing on the different types of heels that this brand is currently offering. In this blog, I will be providing links to two of my favorite pair of Platform Pumps that you need to check out now:

Women’s Leila Black and Silver Flowers Printed Stiletto Heels Pumps

The detailing is what GOT to me, these black platform pumpsย with SILVER flowers is giving a high-end designer feel. And to be honest, a black pair of pumps is a MUST for every heel lover out there.ย These stylish pumps are high-quality and SUPER sturdy for long term commitment.

Red Sexy Stiletto Heel Pumps Buckles Platform Stripper Heels Shoes

First, let me warn you by saying that these GORGEOUS pair of heels are not for everyone. Only someone that feels really CONFIDENT in their skin can ROCK these red platform pumps ONLY the very best. To be honest, I kinda want to try these pumps because I was to try to do a CATWALK in these beauties. I think, it’s one of those things that everyone should try atleast once in their LIFE.
So, that was it fellas! Hope you guys liked this new INTERNATIONAL footwear website and also let me know if you want me to cover other types of heels that this brand is selling like BOOTS.
Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

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