SSCPL Herbals: My First Impressions [Review]

Hello, there Cheeky Talkers! Look what I have for you today…it’s something special, something green, something herbal…it’s SSCPL Herbals. Yup, we are trying some new organicย brands in the month of December, are you excited too?


If you guys follow me Instagram then you might be already familiar with this brand because from the past week I have been giving some hints on stories. My Instagram account is @cheekydimplesblog in case you wanna refresh your memories. ๐Ÿ˜‰


In this blog, I will be sharing with you guys some basic details about the brand SSCPL Herbals and the products that I have received from the brand itself. So, a couple of days ago I received three products from #SSCPLHerbals now I want to clarify the fact that I picked out these products myself.


SSCPL Herbals I Will Be Reviewing:

  1. Cucumber Massage Cream

  2. De-Tan Face Wash

  3. Hair Serum

The reason I chose these products was that I wanted to try different categories of the products that SSCPL Herbals so that I could give my honest to you guys. It has been a couple of days of me trying out these products so just STAY TUNED and I will be sharing the detailed reviews on each of these herbal products separately.


And in addition to this, I will be adding a couple of link below of SSCPL Herbals accounts on social media etc.

Official Website of SSCPL Herbals – Link

Instagram Account of SSCPL Herbals – Link

Twitter Account of SSCPL Herbals – Link

“SSCPL Herbals India began its journey in the year 2002 with a clear understanding of the need to provide an all-inclusive range of herbal products essential to look after the health, hygiene and beauty of every individual. The carefully formulated products after a precise study of the properties of various natural herbs and their beneficial effects when given in an apt combination, helps to address almost any and every type of skin problem.”


The review of all these SSCPL Herbals will be up in the coming week so make sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button so you don’t miss another update on some of the best beauty and skincare products.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everything!!!

P.s. – Let me know which product review would you like to see next…

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