Miniso Rose Nourishing Concealing BB Cream -Is it NATURAL?

This is my #7 product review from the Japanese Designer brand MINISO…btw it’s not sponsored (I mean, I kinda wish!)

Hey, ya pretty faces! Are feeling cold as well? Because I sure am…it’s December what else did you expect (Wink!). And lookey-lookey I have something special for you today. As you might have already read the title, in this blog post I will be sharing my views on a VERY popular makeup product by one of the MOST trending brand MINISO.


So, if you read my blog CheekyDimplesBlog then you might know that I somewhat have a   series going on here where I share my honest reviews about the products that I buy from the Miniso store here in India…NCR to be specific.

So far, I have reviewed some makeup, beauty and skincare products from Miniso and now I am thinking about doing some lifestyle stuff as well…if you know what I mean. Also, here are links to the other products in case you wanna check them out. 🙂

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Product Info

Name – Miniso Rose Nourishing Concealing BB Cream

Price – INR 490 for 1.05 oz./ 30g (not so low-end)


Packaging – Okay just start by talking about how cute the packaging is all pink and floral. In addition to this, I also like the fact that the size of the product is bigger than average and contains more than one ounce of product which is a really good quantity. The box also has an additional transparent layer around it and comes with a smooth matte finish.


Texture – One thing that I want to state that there are just a couple of shades to choose from and I chose a shade that falls right in the middle i.e. 02 NATURAL. This is because I thought that 01 will just make me look like too white like a vampire…just kidding. I really think that explaining texture on text can be tricky so I am including a youtube video link for you to get a better understanding – HERE.


Application – Okay, now we are at the part where we apply the product. I am very happy to come to the conclusion that just a tiny drop of this product can over your whole face up. You can use this BB cream as an alternative for the foundation as some people including me like to wear something light on their face. Also, it costs around 500 bucks and I think its an itsy bitsy more for a bb cream because previously I have reviewed INR 200 to 300.


Performance – This is the interesting part! So, I have been using this Miniso bb cream for a couple of weeks now and I think it is not a match made in heaven for me. I have a combination skin and that means I have a dry as well as oily areas of my face which also the reason many products don’t suit me from the start. When I applied this product directly on my face, the skin around my nose felt kinda dry and flaky. So, to avoid this dryness I now add a small portion of my face cream or lotion with the bb cream and mix it so that I can achieve that perfect dewy look.


Shelf Life – Try to finish it up within a year i.e. 12 months

Rating – The CheekyDimplesBlog gives it a 3.5 out of a 5-star rating.

Do I recommend it? – Listen if you are looking forward to experimenting then sure, why not! But in all honesty, there are other BB creams at Miniso that I think are worth trying out.


Also, if you want me to review more skincare or beauty items from MINISO just send me a DM or email me or just COMMENT down below.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

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