Review: Miniso Skin Moisturizing Essence Cream [WHITE Edition]

This is my #6 product review from the Japanese Designer brand MINISO.


OMG, let me just start by saying that you Cheeky Talkers are completely INSATIABLE when it comes to my reviews on MINISO products. Like seriously fam! I have been getting a ton of requests for reviewing more products from this affordable Japanese DESIGNER brand.


And GUESS what? I will be doing a lot more REVIEWS on Miniso but this can take a time to post them. Because this overall process can be a little over the budget as I am buying all of these products from my own money. None of this Miniso product reviews are sponsored by the brand.

So, enough with all these boring talks now let’s move straight to the detailed review of this essence cream by Miniso, shall we?

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Product Info

Name – Miniso Skin Moisturizing Essence Cream

Price – INR 690 for 1.94 oz./ 55g (Kinda High-end)

Packaging – You know what! Today, I will not extensively talk about how CUTE the packaging of Miniso products is but I will just add a lot of pictures for you to see it yourself. And I have to say, that the tub of this cream is made from solid GLASS and is quite heavy. Also, it can be used as a GREAT decor piece for your vanity, you know! BTW let me know if guys will be interested in seeing some behind the scenes…BTS. 🙂

Texture – Folks, I have not added a swatch test for this MINISO cream like a dis with other products. Because I thought it would be an understand statement for this beauty product. I will be SOON uploading short live videos on my IGTV with swatches, application and other details. My Instagram is @cheekydimplesblog, go check it out.


As you can see in the pictures that I have clicked (SHOUTOUT for my PHOTOGRAPHY skills) the texture is quite floaty and fluffy in my option. For me, it is a GOOD thing as I always wanted to try out a cream of this consistency.


Application – Because it is an ESSENCE cream you can’t just apply it simply out of the blue. This moisturizing cream should be used as a step in your daily skincare routine which can be difficult for some people to follow including ME. So, in simple words just cleanse your face and tone it down with a toner DUH! Once the dead skin is removed using this essence as a moisturizer for your face. You have the choice to use this product in the morning or night routine or even both, it’s up to your skin.

Performance – Now, here’s the main part of this review. I initially had very HIGH expectations from this baby right here. To be honest, I thought this product will be a miraculous one for me BUT I cannot be label it as the BEST of the best yet. When I tried it adding it my nighttime routine, it didn’t do any stuff for me and caused me to breakout.


And this is NORMAL for me everything doesn’t suit me as I have combination skin type. But then after a couple of days, I used it again in my morning routine and it started showing its results slowly but steadily. By applying this Miniso essence you will get a gradual shine to our face and I love it when my face is all DEWY and shiny. The thing that is a little bit concerning to me is the absorption of the cream which can be tricky for some skin types.


Shelf Life – You will EAT this thing up in a couple of MONTHS like me. (Wink!)

Rating – The CheekyDimplesBlog gives it a SOLID 4 out 5 star ratings.


Do I recommend it? – Actually, I do recommend trying out the high-end skincare range of Miniso BUT for me, I think instead of adding them in my night routine the end results are much better by using them in the morning skincare routine.

Also, if you want me to review more products from MINISO just send me a DM or email me or just COMMENT down below.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

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