Dupe of Huda Beauty Cheerleader is…[Fall Edition]

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Look who’s back with a brand NEW dupe edition blog…it’s your girl with Cheeky Dimples. As you might have already read the title of this sweet little article, I am back with another AWESOME dupe for you Cheeky Talkers!


Folks, let’s not waste any more time and get this PARTY started (I meant this blog!). Today, I will be telling you about an affordable alternative for a liquid matte lipstick by the well-known brand HUDA BEAUTY.


I have found a great dupe to replace this $20 lipstick by this International makeup brand which costs just 6 FREAKING bucks. Yup, you heard it right! 🙂


So, the dupe that I founder the CHEERLEADER shade of Huda Beauty’s liquid matte lipstick is from the brand called BAD HABIT in the variant Collide. Now, I have included a ton of pictures in this article so you can spot the similarities yourself.


I have also included the swatches of all several shades by the brand Bad Habit because I personally think its an underrated brand that more people should be aware about.


Also, I honestly love the packaging you guys! I mean its CLASSY yet very budget friendly. I highly recommend trying out one of these lipsticks.

And in case, you wanna check it out then here is the: LINK

Thank You So Much for Reading Everyone!!!

p.s. – Which one do you think win between Huda Beauty ($20) and Bad Habit ($6)?


*Disclaimer: all the images used in this blog are from Google images*


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