Honest Review: My Experience with NYASSA [Bath & Body Brand]

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In this article, I will be sharing my honest review on one of the brands that I have reviewed in the past on CheekyDimplesBlog and today it’s all about Nyassa today.

In case you wanna read about the products that I have reviewed then here are the links to the NYASSA reviews:

1. Nyassa’s Light Body Lotion with Avocado Oil [Lily of the Valley]

2. LILY OF THE VALLEY by Nyassa [from Heaven & Earth]

So, now that you know about the products that I have tried on, which are a ‘light body lotion’ and ‘handmade soap’. Now, it’s time to tell you what my experience was during the entire time if these product usage i.e. till the time the products were completely finished.


There’s no denying that Nyassa offers great quality products for bath and body genre but I also think that they are a little bit over priced as well. Now, I am not saying that it’s HELLA expensive but what I am trying to say that such products can be replaced by an affordable alternative.

I would say that if you are looking to try out a luxury range at a slightly affordable price tag then Nyassa is the one you should look for. My overall experience of Nyassa was pleasant but will I buy more products from them? Well, to be honest I would love to review some more products from this brands is there is a GREAT discount going on OR if you guys wanna read more reviews on them. 😉


Being Nyassa is a philosophy, encapsulated in the words ‘From Heaven and Earth’. and their products are formulated by blending pure and natural ingredients with rare exotic fragrances. This offers the users a complete and unmatched mind as well as body experience. The wholesome natural active ingredients like many essential oils and extracts go into the formulation of all Nyassa products, along with some of the most unique and mystical fragrances that is sourced from all around the world.


To clear out some air, I would also like to mention that this is NOT a sponsored post!

Hope you like this short and sweet honest review of my experience with an all natural brand known as Being Nyassa.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!

P.s. – Get ready for my next Honest Review which will go LIVE in the next week.

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