Dupe of Benefit Cosmetics HOOLA Bronzer is…

Your girl DID IT AGAIN!

Hey, Gorgeous people! I am BACK at it with a brand new DUPE edition blog, just for you guys. Because I now sometimes MAKEUP can be a little bit EXPENSIVE.


Today, I will be writing about an international brand that I have never written about and that is (Drum Rolls Please!) Benefit Cosmetics. I know! I know! It’s about time, right?

I honestly can wait any more, so let’s just start with the details. 😉


Product Info

In this blog, I will be sharing with you an EXCELLENT alternative for this really pricey bronzer by the brand Benefit Cosmetics. I am talking about finding a dupe for the Benefit Holla Matte Bronzer.


Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that amazing bronzer except for the fact that most of us are not able to spend a total of $30 dollars on a old-fashioned looking bronzer.


That’s why I did my homework and surfed on the internet for a while and VOILA, look what I what. I dupe of 3 BUCKS for this HOLLA bronzer that got a matte-finish. The dupe of Benefit Hoola Bronzer is NYC Sunny Bronzer.


And I have even added several pictures to show you guys the similarity between these two bronzers. I mean just look at the swatches people, can you honestly spot the difference between the high-end brand and the drug store brand here.


I personally have used NYC lipsticks a couple of years back and they were above average, I pretty much used them as my daily go-to lipsticks.


In case you wanna check it out? Here it is – LINK

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – This was the Dupe Edition with Benefit Cosmetics ($30) VS NYC ($3) – who won according to you?

*Disclaimer – All images used in this article are from Google Images.*


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