Smell Fresh ALL DAY with Miniso’s Tropical Fruit Deodorant Roll-On [Review]

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Now, let’s get this show on the road, shall we:

Product Info

Name – Miniso Tropical Fruit Roll-on Anti-perspirant Deodorant

Price – INR 250 for 75 g


Packaging – As you might have already noticed by now, MINISO is known to make SUPER cute stuff, I mean like REALLY cute. And this roll on deodorant is no expectation to this rule. The bottle is quite heavy and has sturdy structure with a matte finish body. The not-giving-a-damn cat at the front of this pink potion like bottle has now become by SPIRIT animal. Also, there was an extra transparent layer to seal the product which is really considerable from the brand.


Texture – Because it is a roll-on deodorant the product is in a gel form with a serum-like consistency and transparent in colour. The product gets absorbed easily in the skin and let me tell you something here. Please do not apply any product on your armpit area because it basically clogs the sweat ducts and may further cause minor health related issues. And I am not just saying about this Miniso roll on and I talking about every single one of them, so make sure you consider this information.


Application – The application part is really easy, all you have to do is rub the roll on portion on to your skin. First, shake the bottle well with your personalised shake-shake dance 😉 . Then slide the roller on to your skin to make yourself feel as well as smell fresh.  You can apply it on any part of your body, my suggestion would be to avoid the exact armpit area at all cost. I personally just glide it on my arms and VOILA the mild and refreshing fragrance of tropical fruit engulfs me.


Performance – The fragrance of this roll on deodorant is really mild and reminds me of something that is clean or has been just washed. The fragrance stays for around 5 to 6 hours but almost disappears after than time span. So, you need to apply it again within a couple of hours but I noticed that it also made my skin smooth in just a week of applying this product. It also consists of CASTOR OIL as one of its main ingredient and if you follow CheekyDimplesBlog you know how much I love oils. I have also reviewed a great castor oil previously, here is the LINK in case you wanna check it out.


Shelf Life – 3 years but I think you should finish it off with 12 months (Just to play it safe, you know!)

Rating – A solid 4 our of 5 for me, because I want to try more fragrances in this deodorant and I think the fragrance should stay a couple of more hours on my skin.


Do I recommend it? – YES folks, I do recommend trying out this deodorant but wait there is a CATCH in my recommendation of this product. I do not recommend putting this product on your exact underarm area but around that part is well and good. (This reason is explained in detail above!)


Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – STAY TUNED for more product reviews from MINISO because I have MORE in my list to review. 🙂

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