Beauty Basics 101: Affordable MINISO Facial Cleansing Brush [Review]

Hi there, Beauties! Look whose back with another Miniso product review and not just any product, this is a beauty and skincare product review.

You guys seem to absolutely love my MINISO item reviews and that’s why I try to cover them more, here on my blog – CheekyDimplesBlog.

In case you haven’t seen my previous miniso review then, check them out – LINK and LINK. As you can see, these previous blogs are featuring skincare and makeup products but today’s blog is kinda different.


This blog basically features a beauty tool i.e. a facial cleansing brush and not an electronic one.


Product Info

Name – Miniso Facial Cleanser Brush

Price – INR 250

Packaging – The packaging is simple not that fancy but quite sturdy. As you can see in the pictures that I have included in the bottom as well. This facial cleansing brush is sky blue in colour and I have to say the quality is pretty good as per the price tag.


Texture – I would describe this brush as a soft, delicate, and comfortable facial cleanser. This brush has over 4,00,000 bristles and that my friend is a HUGE number. Each bristle is 0.08 mm and is made from materials like ABS and PBT.


Application – The application is quite easy, all you have to do is just wet the brush first. And then, apply an appropriate amount of your regular facial cleanser on to this wet brush. And then massage on your face using this facial brush in circular motion. Make sure you so not apply too much pressure on your face while massaging. Also, use it for just 1 minute and not more than that. Once you are done using it, wash it with lukewarm water and let it dry.


Performance – The performance was better than what I personally was expecting from this product. The bristles are not at all harsh on the skin so even if you have sensitive skin this product is made to suit your skin. But I would also suggest to read the directions and instructions of using this brush. And do NOT use this cleansing brush more than thrice in a week.

Shelf Life – I would suggest to use it till the time it’s comfortable during application on your face.

Rating – I would give this Miniso product a 4.5 out of 5. Minus 0.5 cause after using it 5 to 6 times, a bristle or two came out during application.


Do I recommend it? – I do actually recommend trying out this facial cleanser as it is surely an affordable pick that works effectively.

Thank You So Much For Reading!!!

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