Dupe of Nars CLIMAX Mascara is…

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Hey! Hey! Hey!

What is up you guys, look who’s back with another brand new post on the Dupe Series. 🙂 I know you guys were super existed since the day this bold mascara was launched in the market.


And you guys have been literally DMing me every single day to find a dupe for the new Nars Climax Mascara. Your prayers have been answered my Cheeky Talkers, so hold on tight and enjoy this article.


Product Info

This mascara is all over the freaking internet folks and honestly the hot red body is looking so seductive. I personally wanted to try this mascara myself but boo I am in India  so the high shipping cost looks ridiculous to me.


Moving on, the price tag of this mascara is very over the top and keeping in mind that it is not a high-end designer brand like Chanel or Burberry. This climax mascara by Ears costs £21.


And I ended up finding a pretty affordable dupe of this one right here and that my dear friend is VOLUMINOUS Carbon Black mascara by the brand L’Oreal with a price tag of just $7.25.


I mean look at the pictures above and you can see the before and after difference for yourself. Which product should I include in my dupe series next? Comment down below. 😉

If you wanna check it out? Here it is – LINK

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – This was the Dupe Edition with NARS (£21) VS L’Oreal ($7.25) – who WON according to you?

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