Dupe for Kat Von D’s Lock It Hydrating Primer is…

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Hello and Welcome back Everyone to CheekyDimplesBlog, in the past few months we haven’t posted a lot of DUPE blog posts for beauty products. And due to a high volume of emails that we have got, our team is bringing back the Dupe Series.


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Product Info

Kat Von D, herself is in a lot of heat right now but we are not here to talk about all the DRAMA surrounding her. There’s no denying the fact that Kat Von D is not so affordable brand that why few months back we posted another dupe post on their $62 eyeshadow palette – LINK.


This Lock It Hydrating Primer by Kat Von D costs a total of $32 for a product quantity of just a single ounce i.e. 1 oz. But the alternative makeup dupe that we have found costs just $13.99. YES! CheekyDimplesBlog’s alternative costs less than half of the high-end brand’s product.


The Dupe for Kat Von D’s Lock It Hydrating Primer is NYX Hydra Touch Primer that you get own in just 14 bucks. The best part is that it is a great hydrating primer for someone with super dry skin as it is water-based product with the qualities of Aloe Vera in it.

Wanna Check it out? Here it is – LINK

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

p.s. – This was the Dupe Edition with Kat Von D ($32) VS NYX ($13.99) – who won according to you?

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