Skincare Combinations to AVOID at All Cost for Inflammation & Breakouts


Skincare is what your skin desperately needs, especially in this time of extreme pollution.

But are all skincare products excellent to use on all skin types, the answer is a big NO! The process of skincare is not just limited to a single step or two. A skincare routine consists of 3 to 10 steps with various different products.


Some of these skincare products are essence,toner, cleanser etc. But the complicated thing about the skincare procedure is that there are certain skincare product combinations that cannot be mixed together at any cost.

So, in this blog post, we will be sharing those top 5 skincare combinations that can lead to breakouts and inflammation. So, let’s start with the list:


#1 Combination – Sonic Brush & Exfoliants

Mainly there are two types of exfoliants available and those are in the physical (e.g. Loofah/sonic brushes) and chemical (e.g. peel offs ) form. Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of dead skin from face and body which also helps in unclogging the pores.

Busting a Myth – Even people with dry skin also need to exfoliate!

Exfoliators with irregular texture like the one that contains apricot seeds should not be used with a lot of force on the skin. Because over exfoliation can cause Microscopic Tears…as it brushes away the healthy skin cells as well.

Tip for Exfoliation – Use your Pinky fingers to massage the exfoliants in circular motion!


#2 Combination –  Chemical Exfoliants & Acne Treatments

If you are someone that suffers from acne issues then you might also use some medicated products for it like acne treatments e.g. benzoyl peroxide.

Th best thing you can do here is to use these different natured products on different days. Like do not use chemical exfoliants e.g. AHAs on the same day with the acne treatments.

Tip for Usage – Use these products on alternate days to avoid skin inflammation.


#3 Combination –  Vitamin C products & BHAs

The simplest way that we can explain these breakout combination is that it kinda messes up with your skin’s PH level.

Your skin needs to be a natural PH level in order to stay free from problems like inflammation and skin breakouts.

So, if you are products that hold Vitamin C as one of their key ingredients then avoid mixing them with chemical exfoliants as they hold varying PH natures like basic and acidic.

Tip for Vitamin C – You can use Vitamin C products with Vitamin E products, as they go hand in hand.


#4 Combination –  Face Oil & Hyaluronic Acid

Basically, you can use these two products BUT the thing that matters here is in what order you use these products.

Tip of Usage – Face Oils have the most high consistency so they should be used as the last step in the routine!

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