This is HOW your Hair can Smell Amazing: List of Best 5 Hair Perfumes/Mists

Top 5 Hair perfumes

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We know that Fragrance plays a very important role in developing one’s personality because people are attracted towards those who smell NICE. But what most people don’t know is that there is more to focus on than just your body scent.

So that’s why we decided to introduce a LIST of some of the best Hair Perfumes and Hair Mists that will give your personality an EXTRA boost. As this is the monsoon season, your hair needs extra-assistance because of all this humidity.

In order to make your search of hair mists and perfumes easier, you will find each product link below with their details…Enjoy!

Product Info

Gypsy Hair Perfume

Gypsy Hair Perfume

This is a hair perfume inspired by a Romany lifestyle that is based on a fascination with the myth. If you are someone that has a taster for the scent of fresh soil and deep forests, this gypsy baby is the one for you.

Link – 70 ml for € 50

Balmain Hair Silk Perfume

Balmain Hair Silk Perfume

This Silk Perfume hair mist can also be used as a leave-in conditioner, that further detangles hair by giving excellent shine. Main ingredients of this product are Silk Protein and Argan Oil that stimulate the optimal moisture retention within your hair cells and also repair damaged hair. Basically it’s a nourishing fragrance for your hair. [Great Pick]

Link – 6.7 oz for $ 46

Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her' Hair Mist

Narciso Rodriguez ‘For Her’ Hair Mist

This particular hair mist can be said to have a combination of floral, woody, and musky scents. It starts with a Rose top note with musk as a solid base note that’s not too bold.

Link – 3o ml for $36

Percy & Reed Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray

Percy & Reed Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray

Basically, this spray is both shine and fragrance spray! It comes with a delicate fragrance of Eau My Goodness that evokes the smell of a blooming rose covered with magical dew.

Link – 50 ml € 12

miss dior hair mist.png

Miss Dior Hair Mist

As a high-end designer brand, DIOR’s hair mist offers true intensity by keeping hair refreshed. This product’s formula is enriched with active ingredients, that leaves sensual scent behind.

Link – 1.0 oz for $52

Here are the top five hair perfumes and hair fragrances that can totally transform the way your hair smell especially in this month of July.

In this blog post, we have focused on high-end brands like Dior and Balmain so in case you want us to write a much pocket-friendly article on hair mists. Then just COMMENT down below or directly drop a us mail at and we’ll do it for sure!

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