MINISO Skincare & Beauty Range Review: With Whitening Blemish Remover Cream


Hie Beauties! Today’s blog is really SPECIAL and UNIQUE and I don’t think you can find something like that on the Internet. Because…in this blog post, we will be reviewing a Beauty and Skincare Product from a Japanese Brand – MINISO that is gaining HUGE popularity nowadays! In reference with you may also likeΒ anti-aging product!

*Fair Warning – Content Ahead contains A LOT of product pictures (Kiss-y Face)*


I am pretty sure majority of people have heard of the name Miniso by now. But they must have heard it for the stationary supplies and that’s not all what this retailer has to offer you.


I personally LOVE going Miniso because they have the CUTEST stuff to offer and now they are even offering their beauty, skincare, and makeup range to INDIA. So, after doing some research online I was not able to find any REVIEW on this beauty range by Miniso.


That’s why I decided to buy a BUNCH of cute skincare and makeup products from my nearest MINISO store just for trying and reviewing them myself. So, here you will find my unfiltered option on miniso’s products. Let’s start Cheeky Talkers:

Product Info


Name – Whitening Blemish Remover Cream by Miniso

Price – INR 690 for 3.88 oz/110 gm

Packaging – OH MA GAWD! This is the part that I am the MOST excited to talk about. The packaging of this Miniso cream left me in completely AWE folks. First, with the all white packaging I decided to switch my off-white background into a matte black one. (Comment down and let me know if you like this pitch black background).


The part where WHITE is written…yup that one is in HOLO! [Fun Fact – There’s one Canadian YouTuber that Β calls holographic things as rainbow reflex stuff]. The bottle is made of glass and by that I mean solid heavy good quality GLASS. The overall look is sleek, classy, and of course LUXURIOUS.


Texture – I basically got this whitening cream because of the fact that it a blemish cream as well and I wanted it to gift it to my MOM. ‘Cause you know after forty skin discolouration becomes a common issue for Indian women. After removing the top lid of the bottle, the pump is revealed which is again all white.


The texture of this cream is so rich and hydrating that gets absorbed in the skin so easily & quickly. I would like to say that this miniso cream has serum-like consistency and has a very mild scent to it that is almost non-existent. Also, I would like to mention that this skincare product is one of their MOST expensive product compared to other products. πŸ™‚


Application – There are no do’s and don’t with this particular product. But after using a couple of Korean skincare products I think you just need to cleanse your face nicely. And apply a thin layer of this miniso cream all over your face and neck area. Also, just 2-3 pumps are enough for covering your face and neck so this product is here to stay.


Performance – Performance wise…this product is quick to be absorbed, very light-weight and leaves no sickness behind. Also, this whitening cream has a rich quantity of Vitamin C in it along with other extracts.

Shelf Life – 3 years

Rating – A solid 4 our of 5 for me, as I am yet to see the results in the long-term.


Do I recommend it? – Actually Yeah, I do totally recommend to gift it to your Mom on her birthday or something. Because it is a great present below 1000 bucks, you know!

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – STAY TUNED for more product reviews from MINISO’s range of Beauty, Makeup, and Skincare.


  1. Hi am Mary just purchased this product I think is good one but too small in quantity the price is too high here in Nigeria #3990, pls review the price

    • Hi Mary! Hope you are doing great! Yes the price is a little more but this product sure is a great purchase. πŸ˜‰

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