Is this the Best ‘Green Tea’ Body Scrub of 2018? Ft. The Bare Project


Yo Cheeky Talkers! What’s popping’ y’all? It’s raining here since morning so I decided instead of going out I should write some SUPER useful posts. And today’s blog post is one of those pieces that skincare enthusiasts really LIKE.

So, a few days back a wrote a post on the three products that I received from the natural beauty brand ‘The Brand Project’. In that post, I mentioned that I will be soon posting the detailed reviews on each of the bare project products separately and here, I am doing the same…

Also, I will be sharing some tricks and tips in the end of this post on HOW TO GET THAT FLAWLESS SKIN naturally. So STAY TUNED!


Product Info

Name – The Bare Project ‘Vanilla Green Tea’ Body Scrub

Quantity – 50 gm

Texture – Okay, so till now the NATURAL and organic body scrubs that I have used are mostly dry in nature/texture and requires to be used with water or milk or some liquid form. But this is my very first all natural body scrub that I directly applied and didn’t feel any need to add some water to use it. and f’course I did use water to scrub it off my body, in case you are wondering.


Application – Listen beauties, I really don’t think you need any instructions on how to use this body scrub. But what I really want to let you guys know that scrubs are great to exfoliate your skin. So, use body scrubs as per your skin requirements like what is your skin type and what suits ingredients suits your skin the best.



Performance – As it is a Vanilla Green Tea body scrub it consists of green tea leaves, olive and coarse sugar as main components. The reason why this is the BEST natural body scrub of 2018 for me is because it also contains many essential oils. And due to these natural essential oils every time I use this scrub my skin feels and smells Amazing. Apart from this I absolutely ADORE the vibrant and kinda DIY packaging of each of the bare project projects. Don’t believe me? Then have a look at them yourself in the below picture. 😉


Shelf Life – I recommend using it within 3 months as it is completely made of all natural ingredients.

Rating – It’s a 10 on 10 product for me for sure!

Do I recommend it? – YASSS! I highly recommend trying out this amazing body scrub at least once.

So, in case you want to know a little more about The Bare Project, below are links to their social media platforms:




Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – Which product do you like the MOST from my FIRST ever Bath and Body Works HAUL?

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