Bath & Body Works India – My first EVER Bath and Body Haul (Big Reveal)


Ola fellas! Umm, yes Bath and and Body Works is FINALLY in India and frankly speaking I am losing my MIND over it. You wanna know why? Because I been watching Bath & Body Works videos for years over youtube. And I was completely OBSESSED with brand and still am…;)

So, the day Bath and Body Works announced their arrival in India and not just any part of the country but the NCR but I LIVE! I know you are thinking the same thing as I do (wink!). Fast Forwarding a little, the day of the store opening comes and it was WEEK-DAY so due to my job I couldn’t make it. Wiping tears off my Cheeks….’cause you know I #TALKCHEEKY.


But when the weekend came over the very first thing that I did was booked a cab that would take me straight to my destination and in this case it was the Bath & Body Works store in my city. OK, now let’s move to the part were I got STARSTRUCK in the store with all that sweet AROMA in the air.

The store of bath and body works is larger than average in my opinion and I really like the way every product was placed in the store. I haven’t used the any pictures from the inside of the store, because it was totally packed with people and with products. That’s why I wasn’t able to click any pictures but ‘Don’t you worry child’ and I planning another trip to the store BUT on a weekday.


Moving on to what I actually bought from the Bath and Body Works store. I initially just got TWO products ’cause girl I was overwhelmed with each and every product. So, I decided to stop before I end up spending pay check and that was a really smart move from my side.

Here are the two products from my first ever Bath & Body Works Haul (India):

  1. A Super Smooth Body Lotion [from the Range – Magic In The Air]
  2. A Diamond Shimmer Mist [from the Range – A Thousand Wishes]

In this blog post, I won’t be able to share the detailed reviews of each of these products ’cause I have already talked, I mean typed way TOO much.

So, you better hit that SUBSCRIBE button and stay tuned for these upcoming reviews on bath and body products in India.


Thank You So Much For Reading!!!

P.s.- There were simple body mists also available in the store but I decided to be EXTRA and bought the SHIMMER Diamond edition body mist instead! πŸ™‚

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