How to take care of your FEET in Rainy Season Ft. BioBloom’s Foot Cream


Hi there my Boos! It’s raining here and the humidity is so thick that you can cut it with a knife…not kidding! BTW do you like the monsoon season ’cause I also-FREAKING-lutely do loveee it!And that’s the reason why I started my blogs CheekyDimplesBlog and StuffToTalk in the very first week of July. 🙂

But for some this rainy season can be a bit troublesome and by that I mean your poor FEET. Yes girl, just look at those feet. Don’t they look so dry and lifeless? But guess what folks, I have the PERFECT solution for y’all.


In this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts on how to make your feet smooth, soft, and of course full of life…and I will also be reviewing a foot cream.

Before we begin, I just want to tell you guys that this post is NOT sponsored! And what you will be reading ahead are very much my personal opinion, let’s start now.


Product Info

Name – BioBloom Eucalyptus Foot Cream

Price – INR 499 for 75 ml

Texture – As soon as I opened the lid of the tiny little bottle, a strong smell just hit me in the nostrils and not in a bad way….But may be in a not expected and weird kinda way. Now, to be honest I really don’t know what EUCALYPTUS smells like but I am hoping this cream smells like it. Because (DUH!) it is the main ingredient in it. Speaking of the texture it’s reallly rich, I mean seriously feels of really high quality on my finger tips.


Application – Before we move to the application part which is like the MAIN part of this blog let’s talk about the packaging of this product. Now I want you fellas to look at the picture and comment down your honest opinion on the lotion’s body. The body of the bottle is not glass but thick clear plastic. And the lid is golden which is again not metal but something like plastic and is light weight.

This foot cream by the brand BioBloom is basically a hydration moisturiser for your feet. But I would highly recommend to wash your feet first before layering lotion over them directly. Trust me, you will thank me later! 😉


Performance – In real life, I am that kinda person who doesn’t give any attention to her feet-care routine. But at the same time, I am also that kind girl at likes to wear sneakers for almost 12 months of the year. So, I won’t say my feet are in a really bad condition but they are also not too good, if you know what I mean.

But since the day I first used this cream on my feet, they literally thanked me. What bothered me a little bit was the fact that my feet were a little too slippery. So, I just included in my night time routine to availed slipping’ and falling on my a$$ (wink!).


Shelf Life – 24 months (But I think you should finish it off in a couple of months as it consists of Natural Actives)

Rating – I would like to give this BioBloom foot cream a solid 4. Because it’s my very first foot cream so I don’t actually know what to expect.

Do I recommend it? – I wouldn’t recommend you to not buy it but in case you get this cream at a great discount of 20% I think then you should go for it.


Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – #SneakPeek tomorrow’s blog post will SHOCK you for sure…


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