6 New Best Matte Lipsticks from AMAZON with SWATCHES + Review [HAUL]


Hello, my Gorgeous ppl! How are you feeling today? AMAZING, right! You wanna know the reason why am I so cheery today. Well, it’s Amazon Prime Day, you Cheeky Talkers and that means another excuse to do some MORE shopping. (Wink!)


I mean why not, the deals on Amazon are so freaking good that I couldn’t seem to stop myself from ordering some STUFF. And by that I don’t mean just some random stuff, I ordered Lipsticks…YES! I know, before you judge me just hear me out, OK.


So, if you are a regular reader of CheekyDimplesBlog you might already know that I am (KINDA) kind of a lipstick hoarder. But that’s not a bad thing, is it ’cause what’s there not to like about lipsticks.


To spare y’all from my babbling, let’s just begin with the Review of these 6 SUPER MATTE LIPSTICKS that I got from Amazon (on a GREAT deal!).


I ordered SIX different shades and first I will be trying to perform a little swatch test for you guys. And after that, we will talk about the details like price, shipping, extra charges and stuff like that.

Product Info

Okay Folks, time to get this show started! As you can see in the above pictures the Lipstick SHADES ranges from nudes to bolds in terms of pink and red. C’mon now buckle up for SWATCHING!


This is how each lipstick came packed with a separate box as per the shade and a little-folded pamphlet with brand description.


Here’s a ZOOOOM-in version for you to gawk upon also this is not a twist and turn lip crayon. So, you would have to sharp it to use it till the end and it won’t be hard ’cause it made of soft plastic.


The brand name of these lipsticks is ‘KISS PROOF’ and that’s what we look in a GOOD lipstick girls…;)


QUICK, comment down below which shade you LIKE the most – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, OR 6. And if you hit that SUBSCRIBE button you will be automatically eligble for the coming GIVEAWAY!


I basically took this photo to make sure that you can see that these LIPSTICKS are all super MATTE and by that I mean like powdery matte finish (which of’course I LOVE!).


Now, moving on to the part for which all you people out there are waiting so desperately – The PRICE. As you know I got these lipsticks on a really awesome Amazon deal, each of these Kiss Proof lipstick costed me just 50 BUCKS/ INR 50 which is less than a single effing DOLLAR.

Yes, you read it right sweetheart, each of these single matte lipstick cost LESS than $1. So, in total I spent 300 bucks on these 6 different BIG lipsticks.


My final thoughts on these lipsticks is that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them beacsue you can never own too many lipsticks. And the quality is that high-level but I wouldn’t label it as bad also.

To me these lip products fall in the average category and looking at the price I personally like them a lot. So, I think you should open up your Amazon app and search for KISS proof lipsticks. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Thank You So Much For Reading Folks!!!

P.s. – BTW you wanna see a Youtube video on these lipsticks, click HERE.

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