Huge HAUL of India’s First Caffeinated Personal Care Brand – MCAFFEINE


Hey Cuties, what’s poppin’! Today I have something really special for you Cheeky Talkers and that’s a Brand. That’s right in this post I will be sharing with you all what I got from one of the currently trending brands in India. That brand that I am talking about is MCaffeine which is a caffeinated personal skincare and beauty brand.


So, in the past, I have reviewed one of the MCaffeine’s best selling products that is Neem Gel Face Wash. And If you are something that suffers from acne prone skin this facewash can be a game changer for you so definitely check it out.


In this blog post, I will be sharing the products that I have received and then in the coming week, I will be posting detailed reviews on these products separately. It would be great if you could hit that SUBSCRIBE button so you won’t miss any updates from CheekyDimplesBlog.


Here are the three products from the MCaffeine Haul:

  1. Neem Caffeine Glow Gel with Aloe Vera

  2. Caffeine Sunscreen with Argan Oil and Calendula

  3. Choco Caffeine Glow Face Pack with Aloe Vera & Sea Weed

In case you want to have a look at MCaffeine’s Official Website, this is the LINK and currently, they have an amazing offer going on with FLAT 20%. 😉



STAY TUNED for knowing my thoughts on these MCaffeine products and comment down below the name of the MCaffeine product that you would like to try.

Thank You So Much For Reading!!!

P.S. – Also, I just did my very FIRST Bath & Body Works HAUL but don’t worry you will get to see it soon!

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