First Impressions on Perfume Selfie ‘TEAZE’ by Perfume Booth


What’s Up Cheeky Talkers! Time to switch things up a bit (wink!). I have been noticing that a lot of you folks still like my Victoria’s Secret Body Mists review a lot. So, here I am doing a blog post solely on PERFUMES. Previously I recommended buying products from the brand VS from abroad rather than from India because my past experience has not been great. That’s why today we will be exploring more about an e-commerce website specialized in fragrances called ‘Perfume Booth‘.


Perfume Booth is an Indian Online Shopping website where you will be able to get your hands on some of the best International fragrances available in the market. Now I am not saying that this blog post is just for my Indian audience but people from around the world can discover amazing perfumes with this brand. The brand Perfume Booth offers a lot to customers and because of that, I won’t be able to cover everything up in just ONE post.


So CheekyDimplesBlog and Perfume Booth are coming together for a Review Collaboration, Drum Rolls Please! Their team sent me one of their best selling products – The Selfie Case. I was given the choice to pick any one of the Perfume Selfie Box so I decided to pick the one that looked the MOST interesting to me and that my friend is known as ‘TEAZE’. 😉 (Check it Out – HERE)


“Fragrance & Love are the two things that can never be Hidden”

Let me brush you up a little with the concept of Perfume Booth’s ‘Perfume Selfie’. So basically, in a Perfume Selfie case, you will be getting 7 (Yes SEVEN!) and each of these Mini Perfume Sticks will be a miniature version of a separate perfume. In total, there are SIX variants of these Perfume Selfie boxes where 3 are for women {SOPHISTIQUE, LURVE, TEAZE} and three consist Men {WYLD, CAZANOVA, MAZCULINE} scents.


As earlier mentioned by me, I chose the variant Teaze for the purpose of testing the Perfume Selfie and reviewing it. Below are the names of each one of the seven mini sticks that I received in my perfume selfie box:

  1. EMPER by Fasio 

  2. Active Women by Chris Adams

  3. CA Classic by Chris Adams

  4. Creation Orchid by Baug Sons

  5. Creation Gold by Baug Sons

  6. Web by Maryaj

  7. Subsense by Louis Cardin

Here are the seven different scents that I got inside my perfume selfie – Teaze [Also, I have included links of each perfume above so feel free to check them out]. In this blog post, I won’t be able to go in depth of all these unique fragrances in terms of mid-notes, their full-sized bottles, and more details. That’s why you gotta stay tuned fellas so you don’t miss these details about some awesome International Perfumes.


I really appreciate the whole concept of the Perfume Selfie cases as it allows the buyer to get a proper taste or in this case sniff of a perfume and its fragrance BEFORE actually buying the full-sized bottle of that particular perfume. I am mentioned Perfume Booth’s Official Website and Instgram Handle links below beause I know you guys would love to know more the perfumes that they are offering:

Official Website – Perfume Booth

Instagram – @perfumeboothindia

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!

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