Introducing SoAK Beauty by Aradhana Khanna: Cocoa Orange Truffle LIP BALM (No.1)


(H)Ola Cheeky Talkers! Did you notice something? That’s right! CheekyDimplesBlog’s family is getting bigger with each day passing and isn’t it just AWESOME. Also, I am so excited to announce that I will be doing a three posts MINI series on a talented young Girl Boss – Ms. Aradhana Khanna. Not only I will be sharing the insights of Aradhana LIFE & successful career but I will be also reviewing two Skincare products from her brand i.e., SoAK.


Here is the Instagram Handle for SoAK – SoAK Beauty by Aradhana Khanna


Today’s blog post will be the very first blog post of this series, in which I will be reviewing the ‘Cocoa Orange Truffle‘ Lip Balm from SoAK Beauty by Aradhana Khanna. The Lip Balm is one of the initial products that Aradhana has launched under her skincare line of SoAk Beauty. In total currently, there are three variants available in the Lip Balms and those are – Lemon-Mint, Cocoa Orange Truffle, and Fresh Spearmint. Alright, folks, time to start with the review and I think it’s fair to say that below you will find a lot of pictures of the product. I did go a little overboard with the photography as usual because  I want you guys to be able to see each and everything about all the products that I review.


Product Info

Name – SoAK Cocoa Orange Truffle Lip Balm

Price – INR 749 for 15g/ 0.5oz


Texture – I have to start by saying that I am completely in LOVE with the packaging though. I mean when you look at the SoAK bag all you see is a basic bold design but when you shift your gaze to the products your eyes are caught by bright yet classy packaging. This cocoa orange truffle lip balm looks more like a tangerine color but when you apply it to your lips then it’s just transparent. The texture of this organic lip balm is very smooth and you do not need to apply a lot of quantity…just a little bit is enough to cover your full lips. Speaking of the fragrance, as it is this variant CoCoa Orange Truffle the scent is a bit citric and raw giving the impression of a truly natural product with no preservatives.


Application – Now, this is the FUN part, I tried this SoAK lip balm quite in a few different ways. And I was honestly surprised by the results and it turned out that this natural lip balm is a multi-purpose product. Firstly, I just used it as a plain lip balm and dabbed it on my lips at night before going to sleep in order to see the after effect. What I noticed is that you don’t really have to wait to see how it works because you will be able to see the results in the first few minutes. As you guys already know I am a lipstick hoarder so I decide to try this lip balm out with some of my difficult lipsticks. I used it as a BASE to apply my MATTE-est lipstick that you to make my lips SUPER dry. But this Lip Balm by SaAK was my savior. My lips felt great and the finished look on my lips was still matte finish and I was extremely pleased with the outcome.


Performance – After using it was few days, my conclusion is that instead of opting for the over-rated lip balms from the brands like Maybelline, Nivea, L’Oreal, etc. I think it’s time to indulge in something more organic and is really healthy for our lips. I see people investing an insane amount of money on face care and hair care products but what they don’t realize is that the skin on lips is 8 times more sensitive and requires EXTRA care. This Lip Balm contains ANTIOXIDANTS and vital nutrients to nourish the skin on the lips. As a Beauty Blogger, my advice to skincare enthusiasts will be to try to care more care of your Lips as well because your SMILE is one of the first things that everyone notices so why not make it MORE beautiful than it already is! It is a high performing skincare product for sure and it suited my lips so well.


Wanna Hear a Good News? It’s not just for all the Girls out there but for boys too. What I mean to say is that – Yes, this 100% Orangic and Natural Lip Balm is UNISEX and not just limited to girls.

Shelf Life – Store in a cool and dry place with temperature under 25 degrees and you will be good to go for about a year.

Rating – In my option, as this lip-balm can be used for multi-purpose also I would like to give it a 5 on 5 rating.


Do I recommend it? A big YES, I do highly recommend to all skincare lovers including men and women both to try out this Lip Balm by SoAK Beauty by Aradhana Khanna. I am even ready to bet on it…you will feel the difference in your lips from the early stage of using it.

I know you guys want to know more about the SoAK products so head over to their Instagram Page at – SoAK Beauty by Aradhana Khanna and very soon the SoAK website will be launched in the coming days so STAY TUNED.

Aradhana Khanna Instagram Account – Aradhana Khanna | MUA


To place an order for SoAK products – Get in touch with SoAK’s team on their Instagram account by sending a DM or drop a mail at and SoAK’s Online Store is Coming Soon.

Thank You So Much For Reading!!! 

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