This Mother’s Day Connect with your Mother Ft. Cavin Kare


Hey folks! Today is no doubt a special day as it as Mother’s Day and I am pretty sure that by now every one of you has this day completely sorted. Unlike me, who waits until the very last moment and wait but chill out you guys. This time I was saved as I did plan out this special Sunday a few days back.

In my option, the most precious thing you can give someone is your TIME and I am not solely talking about your parents. Time is the greatest present to have and to give to someone you care about and someone you LOVE. So just like the majority of people I too planned out a perfect day to spend time with my mother.


Mother is someone who is always there for you and nurtures you throughout your life…no matter how mature you get with age. So I planned out a something different and decided that to try to take care of her. My mom really loves to color, I mean who doesn’t want their hair to look GORGEOUS.


This is the part where Cavin Kare helped me to make this Mother’s Day special by spending the day together…in a FUN way. Cavin Kare send me some packets of Indica Easy Hair Colour for my mom. And she loved the fact that I spent some quality time with her and made her feel more special than she already is.


In our day-to-day working life, we often forget how important it is to send the time doing what we love so, show your parents you love them by spending your day with them. And this is not Once in a Year occasion try to do so every month if not every weekend.

Also, for those you are wondering  and want to know about Cavin Care and Indica Easy Hair Colour, here are the details:

Cavin Kare Website – LINK

Indica Easy Hair Colour – LINK

P.s. – This Mother’s Day don’t fall for an over-the-top gesture but do something simple and your mother would be proud of you!

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