Revealing the ‘Charcoal Tester Box’ by INATUR


Hey you! What’s up? Man, this summer’s gonna hurt like a…you know the line, right! Really, guys, the heat is getting out of control but I have something special planned for you today Cheeky Talkers. 😉 Few weeks back, INATUR a well-known Beauty and Skincare brand announced a Giveaway contest where the first 30 participants were supposed to win an amazing Charcoal Tester Box. And I was one of the first 30 individuals who answered their question an won this charcoal skincare set.


So, in today’s blog post, I will be basically UNBOXING the charcoal tester box that I received from the brand INATUR for winning their Instagram contest. This charcoal-based tester box is worth INR 250 which in my option is quite pocket-friendly. So, I did not pay 250 bucks for this set by I did pay INR 30 that was this shipping cost of the Inatur’s box.


Let’s start with the reveal of the box step-by-step with a lot of pictures that I took because you guys know how much I like to take product pictures. 🙂 


Product Info

Starting from the beginning as you all can see that the packaging is quite secure and that’s why I was impressed with the very start. This resulted further increased my expectations from the contents of the box. There was also a thin plastic seal over the entire box to help it tightly.


In the back, where the basic details of the products including manufacturing details, price etc. were mentioned.


Once opened, this was my view and how every item was packed inside this Inatur’s charcoal tester box.


It was a really thoughtful thing to do as INATUR placed a card with instruction written over with regarding all the FOUR products of this charcoal based set. (I have seen many people skip this informative part)


So far I am really liking the fact that INATUR focuses so much on the quality of the inside as well as outside of the box. I hope you can see the form inside the shapes of the products to provide support to them so they don’t shuffle in the box.


Now, I have previously tried TWO Inatur products one of them was, in fact, their Charcoal DETOX Cream which is also present in this box. Because I have already reviewed one of this boxed items before I won’t be doing it again. But I will for sure doing separately detailed reviews on the remaining THREE products of this set.


I really hope you like this REVEAL of this Characol Tester Box by INATUR so stay tuned for the detailed review of each product of this charcoal-based set. Also, do let me know if you guys will be interested in another UNBOXING as Inatur have another Tester Box by the name Kumkumadi.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everone!

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