CheekyDimplesBlog Ranked in “Top 100 Indian Beauty Blogs”

Oh, My Gawd! We did it, Cheeky-Talkers! Together You and I have brought CheekDimplesBlog reach a huge Milestone of 2018. Two days back I got this GOOD news that CheekyDimplesBlog has been ranked among the Top 100 Indian Beauty Blogs.

So let me inform you a bit more about this, this is one of the most comprehensive lists of Indian Beauty Bloggers that is present on the internet. I always looked up to this lists by Feedspot and aspired to be named among them.


Here, is the complete list – LINK 

And here is the page for CheekyDimplesBlogLINK 

I just want to thank all my Readers, Subscribers, Followers, and Supporters of CheekyDimplesBlog who enjoy the content this Beauty Blog brings to them – So a BIG Shoutout to all you Cheeky Talkers out there!!!

The CheekyDimplesBlog’s family is growing each and every day so c’mon cheeky talkers lets take the level a notch up, shall we? I have decided to write more International articles now along with the ones that feature Indian Brands. This is because I want to help the Indian Beauty and Skincare brand increase their audience reach and awareness.

Other than this all I can say a huge Thank You for all the support that CheekyDimplesBlog has received over the past few months. Also, CheekyDimplesBlog will be completing its FIRST year in the month of JULY. So, I am asking each one of you if there is any specific theme that you want me to follow as I am something AWESOME planned up for you all. 😉

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!


Tanya Singh

(Founder of CheekyDimplesBlog)

and don’t forget to #TALKCHEEKY 

p.s. – We will soon make it in the Fashion and Lifestyle category as well guys with our other blog – StuffToTalk (Fingers Crossed!)


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