This is HOW you can use Activated Charcoal Powder the BEST way

Hey Fellas! Today I am finally answering one of your most requested blog posts and that is the Best Ways we can use Activated Charcoal Powder in our daily routine. Actually, recently I have received a lot of Activated Charcoal Powder from P.F. Enterprise for reviewing purpose. So, I thought this is the PERFECT time to test the powers of the almighty CHARCOAL.

Nowadays everything we see in the market in charcoal-based and costs a ton because people know that charcoal products act as a BOON. Many brands are even creating an entire wide range specifically of these products were charcoal act as the main ingredients. Instead of buying the inexpensive stuff why not go for the natural product, right Cheeky Talkers?

Below are some of the TOP uses of Charcoal Activated Powder that can change your LIFE:


Teeth Whitening

Yup, you can turn your yellow ones into the PEARLY whites with some charcoal powder. This one is for those who LOVE coffee like me of course because coffee is known to stain teeth like really bad. So, just wet a toothbrush and apply dip it into this charcoal activated powder as brush it up as usual. You will see the effect almost instantly and twice a week is more than enough.

Anti Aging Properties

This property right here is what actually is forcing beauty brands to make products that are charcoal-based. In ancient times as well the charcoal powder played a major role in day-to-day beauty regime of the people including men and women. There are a various face and also body masks that can be easily created by using these key ingredients. Also, if you want me to go into DETAILS of these special masks just drop a COMMENT below and I post it. 😉


As you see in the above paragraphs the charcoal powder is supposed to be used quite closely with our body and mouth. So, that’s why it is important and necessary to use that Activated Charcoal Powder that is of high-quality. That is why I am suggesting to directly get in touch the manufacturer itself so you can buy the product that is genuine.

If you are looking for High-quality activated charcoal powder my suggestion would be P.F. Enterprise as I have used their charcoal powder and I quite liked it. Below are some of their details –

Email –

Phone No. – 09978985598

Also, check out their Instagram profile at – @pf.enterprise

Thank You So Much For Reading Folks!!!

P.s. – STAY TUNED ppl there are some SUPER awesome blog posts on the way for you all. 🙂

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