Mild & Gentle Mineral-Based Sunscreen by The Moms Co. – Review

Hey there beauties! How is this summer season treat you? Not so GOOD maybe but worry not Cheeky Talkers today I something special for your skin. Something that’s SUPER gentle and mild for your skin and too naturally. Let me present to you a Mineral Based Sunscreen by the All-Natural and Australia-Certified Toxin-Free brand for Babies and their Moms. Now let me hold you right there, there is not any hard and fast rule on only Mommies and tiny cute babies these products.


You know what a majority of people use these products because they are SUPER smooth and chemical-free for skin and who doesn’t baby fresh face. So, this blog post is in a collaboration of CheekyDimplesBlog with The Moms Co. To be honest, The Moms Co. is one of those natural skincare brands that I have been waiting to review (Like really!). C’mon folks, it’s time to share my experience of The Mom’s Co. product with you all.

The Moms Co. products are made with LOVE and without Compromise. They have brought in experts from across the world to help them create the safest natural formulations that are certified toxin free. With Mother Nature making her presence felt very strongly, everything that they create retains the good and rejects the bad to give you a product that is as PURE as mother’s love.


Product Info

Name – The Moms Co. Mineral Based Sunscreen (SPF 50+ & PA++)

Price – INR 474 for 100 ml

Texture – Let me start with the AWESOME fragrance of this sunscreen from the moment I pumped out some of the product of my palm till the moment I went to sleep – I smelled AMZAZING! The texture of this sunscreen is different from any other sunscreen that I have ever used, in a good way of course. 😉 I literally pumped out once or twice and the quantity I got was enough to entirely cover my entire arms, face, and neck.

Packaging – So, I placed the order on Amazon for this The Moms Co. Mineral-based Sunscreen and the delivery was quick. But was I like about the delivery was that the order came well-packed and how the order came. As you can see in the pictures guys, the packaging is POSH and attractive looking. The bottle of this mineral-based sunscreen is a matte finish and airtight opening.

Application – As this is a sunscreen, you should apply it 15 – 20 minutes before going out in the sun. So, I applied it in the morning and exposed myself out in the sun (Yup, I am being Dramatic!). I run errands and got done some other stuff until the afternoon and then I decided to do a touchup, you know. Because most of the sunscreen ask to be reapplied after every 2 hours so I apply a small amount of sunscreen again. I think that all you need to survive summer is this little 100 ml sunscreen bottle and you are good to ROCK. (It’s even Water-resistant so get ready for a swim!)


Performance – Fam, as I already told you above the sunscreen feels too good to be true like honestly. You guys already know, my skin is combination type thus only a couple of things suit me. But guess what, the other sunscreens I have got my hands on had left my skin so oily but this sunscreen by The Mom’s Co. did not. This product consists the goodness of Organic Carrot Seed Oil & Raspberry Oil to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and prevents sunscreen. A lot of CheekyDimplesBlog readers have been asking me a ton of questions on my Quora profile regarding which sunscreen to pick this summer season. Well, I think this is the answer to all there questions.

Shelf Life – 2 years

Rating – It’s a 10 on 10 product for me. (A sunscreen that doesn’t make my skin oily is definitely a WINNER in my eyes.)


Do I recommend it? YES, I do highly recommend trying out this product and some might think it costs a lot but is it also an all-natural product that is an Australia-certiefied brand. On the other hand, this bottle will be enough for a couple of months if not a year.

Check Out this Mineral Based Sunscreen at The Moms Co. Website, it is also available at Nykaa and Amazon. You can also look at their Instagram to know more about their products.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!! 

P.s. – You can drop me a mail or DM me on Instagram or just COMMENT down below if you want to know more about other The Moms Co. products.

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