In My Mail: Top #3 High-end Skincare and Haircare Products

Hello Friends! The weekend’s almost over and look at what I got here just for you my little ARMY of Cheeky-Talkers. 😉  C’mon lets get this show started ’cause I have a lot of talk about and a lot of pictures to show. Last month I decided to try skincare and haircare products from the giant e-commerce website ALIEXPRESS.


And I ended up ordering the best THREE products that I could find on a legit and trusted seller’s store. So after reading a ton of reviews and interviewing the seller itself, I purchased these 3 products. These products include two skin care product and one hair care product.


Here’s how the box came in, I was actually scared because I was not sure about the condition of the products. The previous items that I have ordered from Aliexpress came in those plastic packaging but this one was in a cardboard box.


Also, inside was a thin layer of the bubble wrap to protect the products inside the box from the damage. P.s. – There was a lot of duct tape used and it took me a while to open this super secure box.


This is an inside look at the products that I have received in the parcel from Aliexpress. The two products are in golden boxed and the other one has white packaging.


Product #1 – LINK 


This is a hair care essence from the brand OEDO which is made from the herbal Morocco essence. It is a 30 ml mini bottle and this brand is also available on Amazon, go check it out.


Product #2 – LINK


This is one of the fanciest skincare products that I have ever laid my hands upon. I mean just look at it also do SUBSCRIBE to see the detailed review of this fancy kick-ass skincare product.


Product #3 – LINK


The third and the last product from this Beauty HAUL and let me one to one thing these products fall into the high-end LUXURY category. As you might have already guessed by the packaging of these products.

That’s it guys this is a mini review of the three products but CHILL I am not leaving you hanging here. I will also be contributing each product there own detailed article so just #staytuned for the details and of course my experience.

And this is the seller – “International Beauty” from whom I have received these amazing products both from the category of Skincare and Hair-care.

Thank You So Much For Reading Folks!

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