DO’s and DON’Ts: Blackheads Edition

BONUS TIP at the end…

Hieee! What’s Up, folks? Well, not so well apparently ’cause SUMMER is here and with summer comes a lot of skin troubles (sigh!). But fear not my darling, CheekyDimplesBlog is here to rescue you and that too NATURALLY. Today, you and I, both will be talking about the definite DO’s and not so DON’Ts of ‘Getting Rid of Blackheads’.


Sounds nose-wrecking to me and this is why I am here to save you all from the pain caused by the process of removal of blackheads. Let’s just start, shall we? Below-mentioned are the big do’s and bigger don’ts in the blackhead removal procedure:

DO – Clean your skin every Morning and at Night using an OIL-free Cleanser.

DON’T – Do NOT go to bed with Makeup on.


DO – Do target your blackheads with ACNE-fighting products.

DON’T – Do NOT over-SCRUB.


DO – Always use a GENTLE exfoliator several times a WEEK to remove dead skin cells & other impurities as well to keep PORES clean.

DON’T – Do NOT use spot treatments all over your face. If you have sensitive skin, don’t apply ACNE products all over your face. This can even make the problem even WORSE. So, target just the acne area.


DO – Wash/clean your personal items like Your phone & other items that touch your face a lot like pillow covers should be washed once in a week.

DON’T – Do NOT pick at your FACE like never and ever.


DO – Use an oil-free, light GEL or cream moisturizer.

DON’T – Do NOT moisturizer.

Bonus Tip – You should NEVER try to remove acne with your fingers. Your hands might be dirty and can spread bacteria on your face further causing blackhead.

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