URGENT! Korea’s Ministry found 13 FAMOUS Beauty Products TOXIC

OK! Let’s start this, I have some REALLY bad news for you guys today. Just a few hours back Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety made a revelation of a total of 13 products. Now, the SHOCKING part is that these products are sold by FAMOUS notable cosmetic brands that were produced by a local original design manufacturer (ODM).

These thirteen products were found to contain excessive amounts of toxic ingredients such as ANTIMONY which is a heavy metal substance that can even cause skin, lung, and eye irritation with many other symptoms.

Now, this whole NEWS came crashing down on me as EIGHT well-known Korean International brands got their license suspended by the government. Luckily, out of these 8 brands, none was used by me till now as I use K-Beauty products mainly from INNISFREE and The Face Shop. I THANK Lord! (Amen) 🙂

The International brands that were involved in this mess are –  Aritaum, Etude House, Makeheal, XTM Style Homme, Black Monster, SKEDA, Skinfood, and 3CE. I am pretty sure you guys must have heard of some of them IF not all…Here are all the 13 BEAUTY products that failed the toxic substance test:

#2 Products by ARITAUM


  • Full Cover Stick Concealer 2gm (#01 LightBeige & #02 Natural Beige) Full Cover Cream.
  • Concealer 2.5gm (#01 Light Beige & Natural Beige & #02 Olive Green & Pink).

#2 Products from ETUDE House


  • AC Clean-Up Mild Concealer
  • Drawing Eyebrow Duo (#03 Gray Brown)

#1 Product from XTM Style Homme 


  • For Men Easy Stick Concealer 2.2g

#1 Product from Black Monster 


  • Black Erasing Pen 2.2g Men Face Concealer

#1 Product from SKEDA


  • Homme Spot Concealer

#1 Product from SKINFOOD


  • Cherry Full Lip Liner (Rose Cherry)

#1 Product from 3CE


  • Slim Eyebrow Pencil (Chestnut Brown)

#2 Products from MAKEHEAL

download (2).jpg

  • Naked Slip Brow Pencil BR0203
  • Naked Slip Brow Pencil YL0801

These are those products that you need to STOP using right now and PLEASE share it and SPREAD this to your LOVED ones.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

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