Tricks to Reduce the Appearance of STRETCH MARKS

Hello, my dear Cheeky Talkers! I am doing GREAT hope you are too, so I got an email from one of you Cheeky-Talker. And it was an URGENT request for me and this is why I am completely that request now. Actually, that person wanted to know the tips that can help in lessening the effects of Stretch Marks.

Let’s start by saying that I do NOT hold anything against stretch marks, I think they are a feature of beauty ’cause Victoria’s Secret Angels have them and they FLAUNT them with PRIDE. There is nothing wrong with your stretch marks no matter whatsoever the society or the people around you tell.

Below are some of the simple and easy methods for reducing the stretch marks:


Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is one of the famous supernatural miracle known to humankind (wink!). Use a natural extracted Aloe Vera Gel because it is rich in many nutrients with synthesis collagen. This helps to fade the marks, all you need to do is apply the gel to the skin and gently massage until it is completely absorbed in the skin. Do this step every day and you will notice the difference in just a couple of days.


Castor Oil

Use castor oil to lessen the effect and appearance of stretch marks on your body. Castor oil is also known to PREVENT from getting further stretch marks. First warm it up slightly and then massage it over the stretch marks for a solid 10 minutes.


Vitamin E Oil

Recently, I am getting to know more and more benefits regarding the Vitamin E oil. One of them is that Vitamin E is extremely good in supporting NEW cell growth which is great if you consider stretch marks as a problem. Just do the same process with Vitamin E oil as the Castor Oil one.


Foods Rich in Vitamin A and C

No, I am not telling you to apply Vitamin A and C rich foods over your body BUT I am telling you to eat those foods. The food rich in Vitamin E & C helps in making more collagen and elastin and that is exactly what we need to reduce and prevent those stretch marks, right!


Coffee Scrub

This method is getting more popular with each day passing! As coffee is rich in caffeine content which is highly penetrating and can help in increasing circulation, breaking down fat and also in lightening the marks. So make a paste from coffee by adding a few drops of warmed coconut oil in it and use this scrub over your skin while taking a shower. Voila!

Again Folks, I ‘in no manner’ am against of any stretch markers PERIOD.

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