The Newest NAIL CARE Range by Nykaa

Another Product Launch Folks, no let me correct myself! Actually, it’s a whole range launch by NYKAA.

Today, when I opened my Nykaa App to check out if there is any new update regarding any brand or something like that. You won’t believe what I saw at the homepage’s slideshow, well long story short. It was a banner of Nykaa’s all-new Nail Care range consisting of NINE nail polish like bottles displayed over it.

So, in this article, we will be exploring these 9 nail care product range together and in details. C’mon folks let’s get this party started:


Type #1

Nykaa Get Even Ridge Filler – It all about those even nails right! Now say bye to all those uneven ridges on your nails with just a layer of this Even Ridge Filler by yours only Nykaa.

Type #2

Nykaa Bright Side Nail Coat – Apply this coat to banish those yellow and stained nails problems. The Bright Side Nail Coat basically acts as a concealer for your nails with a natural satin finish.

Type #3

Nykaa Shine On Top Coat – According to Nykaa, this top coat can make your nails shine like a damn diamond (well, I wouldn’t know yet!). So get that impeccable curved nails with a wet-look shininess.

Type #4

Nykaa Matte Power Matte Top Coat – Yup, now its turn to transform your nails from shiny-looking to total matte-finish. As claimed by Nykaa, it is an anti-chipping i.e. by a protective film that basically resists chipping.

Type #5

Nykaa Nail Potion Nail Strengthener – It contains Amino Acids that stimulates the keratin, rich in Pistacia Resin that thickens nails, and efficient fuel for nails to strengthen them.

Type #6

Nykaa Double Duty 2-IN-1 Nail Coat – Now this one is a TWO-in-ONE that can be used as a base coat to make your manicure last longer OR can be used as a top coat to give a fabulous final touch!

Type #7

Nykaa Rock Hard Nail Hardener – Get stronger, smoother nails in just a few weeks (I find it quite HARD to believe, get it? 😉 )! With this innovative formula make your nails resisting to chipping and splitting.

Type #8

Nykaa Going Strong Calcium Milk – Well, look at that here comes the milk-inspired nail care product. That makes sense you know, to make nails strong with a calcium coat. WAIT…I thought calcium and bones go together. Round of Applause Folks!

Type #9

Nykaa 7-in-1 Nail Spa – Holdup fellows! I think this one is the main of them all ’cause it has like SEVEN extra features than the other 8 products. Those benefits are Strength, Hardening, Protection, Smoothing, Hydration, Nutrition, and Shine. Now that’s what I call a Balanced Diet…


All these 9 Nail Care Products costs INR 249 and that’s a tiny bit above than average in my personal option BECAUSE the bottle gives you only like 10ml of the product or maybe less.


What you don’t believe me? Just COMMENT and I will write a whole article on a more pocket-friendly product with same qualities. 


Thank You So Much For Reading and NO Nykaa has not sponsored me to write about their latest product release. But who knows maybe in the future (wink!). 


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