Best 5 products to use in case of Body Acne

These products can be your Holy Grail to treat Body Acne issue…

This blog post can work wonders for your skin and can help you get rid of all that ‘BACKNE’ I mean Body Acne (wink!). Summer is approaching so damn fast that I am desperately searching for all my summer shorts…the cute ones though! I do get body acne in summers like who doesn’t? With all that heat, dust and again extreme heat waves, your body gets a lot of torture.

So here I am providing you the information that can save you from this backne. Below are the products that I would recommend to try for body acne:

Also, please remember that I am recommending those products that are NOT of a specific type. If you want a complete article for a particular skin type just COMMENT or else my suggestion would be to visit a top Skin clinic in Delhi for your skin related issues.

Neutrogena Body Clear® Body Wash


It’s a body wash from the number #1 top dermatologist recommended brand that is Neutrogena. You can easily get your hands on this product that costs $7.49 for 8.5 FL OZ. It’s a great option for a daily shower gel because it treats as well as helps to prevent breakouts on your back or acne on chest and even shoulders without over-drying and irritating your skin.

Murad Acne Control Acne Body Wash


One of the most popular body acne cleaner it is, by the brand MURAD. Although it is kinda expensive or more like $40 bucks for a product of 8.5 FL. OZ but it does do miracles. It has Triple-action formula that with anti-acne body cleanser treats and helps to prevent anybody breakouts. Glycolic and Salicylic Acids work together to penetrate and deep clean your pores to eliminate breakouts further soothing irritated skin. – Link

 The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash


I personally just LOVE Teat Tree Oil and it’s products and on top of that, it’s my favorite The Body Shop brand. 🙂 This body wash is great for targeting imperfections on your back and body. Your skin will be left feeling clean and clear with a refreshing feel. Tea tree is also known to lighten the blemishes on the skin.

Alba Botanica Acnedote Face and Body Scrub


This a body and face scrub from the brand ‘Alba Botanica’ as you can see in the image. The scrub is brown in color with a thick consistency and a whole lot of tiny particles in it. Now, this is a powerful, botanically effective and dual-purpose scrub that is tough on backne but quite gentle enough for daily facial cleansing as well. It’s dermatologist tested and is formulated with proven zit-zappers Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract plus ground walnut shell, to scrub away oil, dirt, & dead skin cells.



This is a foaming face wash and if you like the feel of a foaming wash with the highest concentration of benzoyl peroxide even without a prescription. Just order this one and wash on! PanOxyl® 10% Acne Foaming Wash that is the #1 acne wash in many countries. It cleans and unclogs pores on the face, chest, and back by promoting exfoliation of dead skin cells.

That’s all guys, these were the best FIVE that I could summon in this short amount of time but worry not. There are so many more NEW editions to come and yes I got your emails. 😉

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

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