MAC x NicoPanda ‘s collab collection might be the CUTEST MAC collection!

Let me introduce you to the latest MAC collection that is as CUTE as Panda!

Yo Trendsetters! How’s it going in the hood? Wanna hear about something that’s NEW and cute as well? 🙂 This blog post will tell you what you need to know about the latest MAC collection and then some more. The newest Mac Cosmetics collection is in collaboration with Designer Nicola Formichetti and is called MacNicoPanda. 

I have seen the pictures from their collab photoshoot and they were so colorful and fun to watch, check them out yourselves. Looking at the collection one can definitely say that it’s a lethal combination of fashion and colors that is topped with cuteness.


Product Info

This line is all about pandas, further linking to Formichetti’s streetwear line Nicopanda. These 3D panda heads on top of the brushes and glosses with illustrations of the Nicopanda logo can be seen on all products of this range.This M.A.C X NICOPANDA is a limited edition collection which will be hit the stores in the month of April.


This collection consists of 6 Matte Lipsticks and fun-color palettes that are wearable, as displayed by models. The entire range is eye-catching from Lip Glosses to eyeshadows…every product holds visual appeal.


This special edition of MAC includes 3 Cheek and Eyeshadow Palette, 1 Face Powder, Pair of False Lashes, SIX Lipsticks, 4 Lipglosses, a couple of Makeup Brushes and ONE Makeup Bag. Customers will be able to place the order online from the first week of April on the brand’s official website.


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