Strobe Cosmetics FIRST EVER All Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Alarms going OFF! Creepy Alert…NO, I mean Cute Alert…Actually, it’s kinda Creepy Cute Alert! 😉 

Hey Babies, you GOOD? I am fabulous (thanks for asking!). Something FUNNY happened today, as I was looking for t-shirts that have CUTE written on them.  While going through the images I came across this cute and creepy eyeshadow palette. So obviously, I was interested in knowing its source and why it popped on my feed.


After doing some R&D I came to know that this Creepy Cute Eyeshadow Palette is Strobe Cosmetics first ever ALL Matte eyeshadow palette. Strobe Cosmetics is one of those brands on whom I haven’t got a chance to write on YET. But here on CheekyDimplesBlog, we cover each brand and every product so this time I present you STROBE COSMETICS.

Color and creativity are two of many focal points of Strobe Cosmetics as a brand who wanted to create products that were high quality and super pigmented. While allowing anyone from a beginner to a pro-MUA to use Strobe products with ease. 


Product Info

This is an all MATTE eyeshadow palette featuring EIGHT super matte bold as well as bright shades. I don’t know why but looking at these shades makes me feel somehow empowered or just ready to take on the world.As you can see any color of women or men or any individual can carry on these colors and look BEAUTIFUL.


Below are the images for presentation purpose so you guys can see how POPPIN these shades look like. Here, I would like to say is – DON’T JUDGE A SHADE BY IT’S NAME, in this case, a creepy one. 🙂

So, did this ‘Creep it Real’ shade creep you out? This Strobe Cosmetics eyeshadow palette has just launched on 27th of February and this means you can place your order for this cute little creepy thing. This incredible makeup product costs $35 and let me remind you it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Thank You So Much For Reading Fam!!!

P.s. – I will surely order ONE for myself. What about you?

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