Oceanic Gold’s Facial Scrub with crushed PEARLS

Good Day, isn’t it fam? Let’s get straight to the review part, shall we? As we have a lot of catching up to do. [Hint – The next 5 scheduled posts are going to be super FUN!] Today, we will be exploring more about a Facial Scrub from the Australian Brand Oceanic Gold.

Oceanic Gold is a Brand that offers Manuka Honey Skincare range that is a 100% Australian owned company that has spent several years doing R&D to bring perfection via a skincare range by using the purest and natural ingredients

Before we begin I want to clarify that I am sharing my personal experience with the product and my review is not based on the full-sized product but the Tester that I received. Let’s Start:


Product Info

Name – Oceanic Gold Facial Scrub with Crushed Pearls

Price – INR 7780 for 150 ml (Expensive Alert!)

Texture – One of the main ingredients is Manuka Honey, as you can see in the image itself the quantity of the product. And as per the quantity I have received in this mini tub the details are mentioned below. The packaging is basic I would say as the plastic quality and container were not up to the mark. The scrub is beige in color and is of VERY thick consistency.

Application – As there weren’t any instructions on the pamphlet from Osiyan Beauty regarding this brand. So, I applied it as my option…first I cleansed my face with a mild face wash and after petting it dry. I took the whole amount of the scrub out of its container. Now, I will be honest with you folks, this scrub is HARD I mean its hard as a bathing soap. I tried to smoothen it out by water but nothing worked.


This is a facial scrub with crushed PEARLS in it and is HELLA expensive too so my expectations were quite HIGH while using it but…Friends, as you can see the quantity of this SCRUB I could only apply it once and then it was finished. So, I think I couldn’t possibly review this product with this much information. Folks, I will try again to review some products by the brand Oceanic Gold from Osiyan Beauty so please don’t be disappointed.

P.S. – Oceanic Gold is a completely Sulphate and Paraben free brand who does not test products on animals. I did receive one more Tester from Osiyan Beauty which will be posted soon!

Thank You, All for Reading STAY TUNED!!!

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