Disney’s SNOW WHITE Collection by Besame Cosmetics

Hi there, QUICK! What’s your name your favorite Disney Princess? Hard to choose, right…so today I have something for you all that’s Disney-themed. I think today we should get straight to the MAIN part of the post. Because this collection consists of a lot of products and I want to cover ’em all.


Snow White, one of the very first Disney Princess also known as an Original Disney Princess is the theme of this collection. This SPECIAL collection is the result of a collaboration between DISNEY and Besame Cosmetics. So, Besame X Disney has around 12 products in this whole collection which I will be further discussing in detail.

“The Fairest of Them All”


Here is an outline map for you regarding the products that are featured in this 1937 Collection. Also, if you are NOT aware of this make let me guide you – Bésame Cosmetics a luxury vintage makeup brand that honors the style, spirit, & sensibility of female beauty of all times.


  1. I’m Wish Eyeshadow Palette – Priced at $38
  2. Snow White Apple Blossom Scarf – Priced at $30
  3. Keep Singing Palette – Priced at $38
  4. Snow White Cosmetic Travel Bag – Priced at $30
  5. Classic Color Lipstick – Priced at $24 each & available in 4 shades
  6. Snow White Pies Balm Trio – Priced at $18
  7. The Fairest Vanity Mirror – Priced at $40
  8. 7 Dwarfs Mini Lipstick Set – Priced at $35
  9. Ever After Translucent Pearl Powder – Priced at $35
  10. With a Smile & Song Cream Rouge – Priced at $20
  11. Icon Book Bag – Priced at $15
  12. Classic Book Bag – Priced at $15

With this intro, I am also including a ton of images for you all Disney fans to see and swoon about. If you want me to review each of these products separately with extreme info about them just COMMENT down below. I’ll do it! 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading!!!

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